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Household Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

9 Household Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Is hydrogen peroxide a key player in your household cleaning routine? It could be! While many of us keep hydrogen peroxide on hand for cleaning cuts and scrapes, Circle of Moms members have also shared that the affordable, multipurpose product can be used for everything from removing tough stains to disinfecting toothbrushes. Keep reading for all nine of their best tips!

1. Stain Remover

As Circle of Moms member Lisa R. advises, stubborn stains are no match for hydrogen peroxide: "Hydrogen peroxide will take blood stains out of any fabric except silk and satin." Meanwhile, Sandra R. shares that she uses it to quickly remove "blow-out" poop stains from her daughter's white skirt, white high chair buckles, and ExerSaucer.

2. Bleach Alternative

A powerful and effective bleach alternative, hydrogen peroxide is a great way to brighten laundry. Melissa B. recommends including hydrogen peroxide in your prewash routine for heavily soiled laundry: "Fill laundry, add detergent, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide [and] let it sit for 30 minutes. Then run through the cycle."

3. General Disinfectant

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent general disinfectant. A Circle of Moms member named Kristin, for example, uses it in a spray bottle for cleaning counters and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. And other moms use hydrogen peroxide around the house on everything from doorknobs and light switches to toys and cloth diapers.


4. Odor Eliminator

Several Circle of Moms members say hydrogen peroxide has helped them neutralize bad smells in their homes, especially pet odors. When Randi M.'s cats spray the walls or carpets, she finds that "hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and water will kill the smell right away."

5. Hair Lightener

Looking to achieve summery highlights without toasting in the sun? As a bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide can do the work for you. "It naturally lightens my hair," shares Lindsey in the Green Moms community.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

Remove pesticide residue and bacteria like E. coli from fresh produce with a combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. As Kristin shares the following directions in the Money Saving Tips community: "Place 3 percent hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and full strength plain white or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Use a little bit of each one to clean your produce and then rinse with water."

7. Ear Wax Dissolver

Ears plugged up with wax? A drop or two of hydrogen peroxide could loosen things up, as Millie G. shares: "My baby's doctor told me to use hydrogen peroxide. A very small drop. My son has a lot of ear wax build up and this seems to work for us." Be sure to check with your doctor before following Millie's advice.

8. Toothbrush Sterilizer

Hydrogen peroxide can help you keep nasty germs from taking over toothbrush bristles. Elizabeth J. soaks toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes to kill bacteria; other moms spray toothbrushes after each use to achieve a similar effect.

9. Teeth Whitener

Want a pearly white smile without buying expensive teeth whitening products? Many moms use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. Mother-of-two Erica B. explains: "Use a cap-full and hold in your mouth and swish with [it] for up to five minutes."

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Join The Conversation
JoyceYorkevich JoyceYorkevich 6 years
its nce to know of all tthe different things Hydrogen Peroxide can do. most pharmacy has it. but the food grade must be in a health store .
LisaSarmiento LisaSarmiento 6 years
When I was using peroxide to loosen the wax in my ears, my doctor told me to dilute the solution because pure peroxide does not have the right pH balance and could do damage. Otherwise, I use it on fresh cuts or wounds but didn't realize the many other uses! Thanks for the tips!
CoMMember13631015994954 CoMMember13631015994954 6 years
good information, thank you
lavernegraves lavernegraves 6 years
wow.. who would have known
TerryAnnLindo TerryAnnLindo 6 years
i did a minor procedure on my tonsil and the doctor had me use hydrogen poeroxide to gargle, it STOPS bleeding
NancyPopp NancyPopp 6 years
i heard never to use peroxide for ear wax and if you use it to whiten teeth does it eat up the enamel?
JoHannaTaylor JoHannaTaylor 6 years
I hav tried alot of these & they really do wrk...
candiwilson candiwilson 6 years
How well does it work for a teeth whitener?
CoMMember13612927312556 CoMMember13612927312556 6 years
Thanks for these experiences of great Moms. I learned from each.
SwannyBecker SwannyBecker 6 years
Additional use. A drop in your glass of wine eliminates sulfur, that's the preservative that gives many hangovers. Not sure about the strength. you can purchase it at appropriate dilution. It's called pure wine
SandyGoots SandyGoots 6 years
I knew about most of these but you do have to be careful about diluting when you use it on your skin.. It can leave your skin irritated and with white blotches when left on your skin or in your ears, undiluted.
BonnieBoggs15219 BonnieBoggs15219 6 years
Great info
KimberlyLinkhart KimberlyLinkhart 6 years
Baby oil works great to clean your ears also, just put some on a cue tip and clean :-)
ChristinePattison ChristinePattison 6 years
Cures mouth ulcers - a bit on a cotton bud dabbed on the ulcer causes a bit of bubbling, a small bit of stinging. Next day it is gone.
kalavathirai kalavathirai 6 years
very interesting nd informatative,but is it safe to use for ear nd mouth
SylviaArce SylviaArce 6 years
I also use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth waste. It does wonders when I have a sore throat. I gargle with it.
TwityUzele TwityUzele 6 years
Very interesting! thanks for sharing
SandiClum SandiClum 6 years
As a retired wound care nurse I learned to use peroxide full strength the first time you clean a wound and after that dilute with sterile water 50/50. Peroxide destroys viable tissue so if you continue to use it full strength you would be destroying the regenerating tissue
JennaBurlock JennaBurlock 6 years
This is great info!
HeatherKent HeatherKent 6 years
In response to #6 and #9 - the 'External Use Only' warning on the bottle makes me hesitant to try it really safe???
CatherineHopkins58606 CatherineHopkins58606 6 years
I would be very careful with peroxide. Peroxide can continue to kill damaged tissue. That is why they tell you to never use it after an initial injury. If you have sores in your mouth, it will make them worse with continued use. It is also used as an emetic in animals that need to have induced vomiting, so be careful not to swallow if you do use it. I can see where it would be good for all of the cleaning properties, due to the oxygen actions, but like a previous poster said, be careful on carpet. I used it about 20 years ago, and it bleached my carpet. Sorry to be a downer, just want to get some facts out there :-)
JeannieBoyd JeannieBoyd 6 years
My doctor had us gargle with warm water, salt and hydrogen peroxide. It's great for sores in your mouth or allergies that cause mouth problems. Also heard it takes stains out of grout in your tile floors.
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