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How Big Is My Baby?

A Week-by-Week Fetus-Size Guide Based on Objects You Actually Know

How Big Is My Baby?
Image Source: Stocksnap / Pixabay

This week the fetus growing inside of me is a big as a cauliflower! But does that mean a piece of cauliflower or a full head? Full head, you say? Well, last time I looked at the grocery store, the size of a full head of cauliflower can vary. Don't get me wrong: pregnancy apps that compare a fetus to fruits and vegetables get me through the slog of pregnancy by helping mark each week. But they also leave me scratching my head. Take the one list that told me the baby was now the size of a "cute vintage wallet." Is that smaller or larger than an ugly vintage wallet?

To help out curious parents-to-be like me, I decided to research how the length of a fetus compares to the everyday objects I come in contact with. I tried to choose things with more standard sizes. For weeks 1-19, the size correlates to the length of the baby from crown the rump. After week 20, I used the crown to heel size. Of course, growing babies are all squished up in there and differ in weight from these objects. But assuming I make it to week 40, I'll take it as a badge of honor (or horror) that my baby is about the same length as a standard carry-on bag.

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