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Growing up, my teachers would call class to order with a resounding, "Good morning class." We would reply in an off-key chorus of, "Good morning, Miss Hill." The formality of those classroom greetings was not lost on me, as most adults I met were referred to with a title of mister or misses. Over the years, I've moved beyond those elementary school greetings, and it appears many schools have, too.

Though most LilSugar readers told us they introduce their kids to strangers with formal titles, schools may take a less-formal route these days. At preschool, my son was instructed to call his teachers by their first names. Now that we are entering kindergarten, our class assignment lists Miss Lisa and Miss Jessica as his instructors. While I certainly understand the casual names are easier for kids, in some ways, I miss the respect associated with a proper name. Do you?

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amandachalynn amandachalynn 5 years
I wish there was a 'like' button for your response Lizlee!
lizlee89 lizlee89 5 years
we already have a problem with lack of respect for each other and for authority today. people as a whole (at least in my experience in the U.S.) don't show the proper respect for anything - people, speech, dress, behavior. there is a certain way to do things for a reason. for anyone who doesn't believe that a casual attitude toward speech does not affect the way a society treats each other and behaves in serious situations like the workplace should look at how we have changed in the last thirty years. as a teacher, I don't mind people with difficult last names preferring to be called by their first names, but the titles need to stay as a reflection of the separation between adults and children as well as the recognition of authority by anyone - a parent, subordinate, or student - of an important person...
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
the younger the kids, the less formal the names. in preschool it was the first name or first name w/ title in front of it. but by kinder it was mr/ms w/ their last name. if the name is difficult its something like, "ms/mr g". for some reason i started calling all my daughters friends "miss" and it stuck. so we have "miss katie" & "miss gracie", etc. and i think because of that they all call me "mrs". the other moms are all on a first name basis. THAT is odd to me. i have my kids use mr/ms for parents.
amber512 amber512 5 years
I remember when I was growing up everyone was Mr. and Mrs. Last Name unless they told me otherwise. Now I'm usually called Miss Amber or Teacher Amber while working in the child care area at church. Doesn't bother me and then I don't have to hear kids butcher my last name like when I used to volunteer in schools.
egloughman egloughman 5 years
I do prefer the respect of a title, but I like the titles of Miss and Mr. My children call ALL adults they see on a regular basis Miss Kate, or Mr Michael. Anyone else still gets the last name. I think it gives the children a sense that the adults deserve respect but also a sense of who they are close to versus more formal relationships. The Miss and Mr just has old Southern romantic conotations to me.
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