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TineBrok TineBrok 3 years
Good article, nice and balanced. As a bit of a vetran babywearer (lol!) I should leave a few thoughts though. Firstly, it is VITAL to check that any baby carrier holds your baby / child in the correct seated position. The article mentions the Bjorn; this and other similar carriers actually cause the baby's hips to dislocate slightly with every step the parent takes, and force the spine into an unnatural striaght position. For safe carrying to enable baby's hips and spine to be held in the proper position, it is vital that their knees are HIGHER than their bottom, and that their weight is carried on the seated bottom (this is knowmn as the 'm' position as the baby's legs make an m shape), not on the crotch (these carriers are colloquially known as 'crotch danglers!'). The Ergo, Manduca, Boba and similar soft structured carriers including all styles of mei tai, and wraps and slings when worn properly, are excellent, safe for baby and usually comfortable for mother. The article also does not mention (probably due to lack of space) that it is SO important to learn how to properly use your carrier. Slings can be a horrible drag on one side of your neck if not worn with the fabric spread out across your back, and with the sling pulled firm, not loose. Wraps are AWESOME, and the time you put into learning to wear one will be repaid in the most comfortable versatile carrier imaginable. Help with learning is available in babywearing groups, there are heaps of these on facebook. The article also only mentions carrying your baby where pram access is limited. Carrying babies is SO much more than this. Biologicallly our babies NEED to be carried, and 'wearing' them in a sling or soft carrier (this does not include frame backpacks as they hold your child away from your body - for hiking just turn the Ergo or wrap around for a comfortable, enduring, safe back carry) keeps them calm, facilitates breastfeeding, helps your body regulate thier heartbeat, temperature, breathing and gas exchange, and facilitates digestion. Carrying a baby upright is helpful for colic. Both my kids slept in their wraps or carriers well into their second year. I never had use for a pram until they were about 1 year old. So babywearing...give it a go, but get some support to do it comfortably for you and your baby :) :)
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