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How a Simple Yet Bizarre Hack Saved This Mom Thousands of Dollars on a Trip to the ER

If you're the same type of mom as Tiffany Jenkins — meaning, the parents who "don't know things" or "whose knee-jerk reaction to anything is just panic" — then you're about to be wowed by the strange yet simple trick she discovered to dislodge a foreign object from her kid's nose.

In a hilarious yet informative video to her blog, Tiffany recounts how earlier that day, her daughter was crying out in pain, saying her nose hurt. The mom pointed her iPhone flashlight up the kid's nose.

"What do I see way in the distance, way back yonder by her brain? Something white shoved up there," she said. So what do i do? Freak out. 'We gotta go to the ER! This is bad!'"


On their way to the hospital, she called a woman who she was supposed to have a meeting with to reschedule. She explained the situation, and the woman — who coincidentally used to work in an ER — told her to try this:

"Cover up the nostril where it isn't stuck and blow really hard into their mouth," Tiffany recalled.

And, after pulling over with her video camera rolling, Tiffany tried it. The trick worked!

"This woman just saved me thousands of dollars," she said. "All I had to do was give my baby mouth-to-mouth."

Sure, she reminded viewers that she's not, in fact, a doctor and that she's "not suggesting it," but — nudge, nudge — "look into it."

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