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Glare21 Glare21 5 years
As someone who is studying to be part of the medical community, all of this information is ridiculously off. Any parent that truly cares to make an informed decision when it comes to cosmetic surgery for their baby, should watch this video. Honestly, it's pretty said how misinformation continues to be spread within America about this procedure of altering infants, and I hope to be able to spread proper information with my child birth related services and education in the future.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
I am so happy to see most of those who left comments are all for leaving males intact. I have no other research or anything else to input into this post that has already been said -- it's a needless operation, and why start out your son's life by undergoing a horrible procedure? I am an "intactivist!"
Candace11 Candace11 7 years
As a former medical professional, I take seriously the rule of informed consent. Parents are not told the truth about what will happen to their little boy when he is circumcised. They don't know he is strapped down. They don't know the pain and the terror he goes through. It is neither gentle nor painless. It is no way to start a life. No wonder there is so much craziness and violence in the world. I did not know all the facts when my children were born. I wish I had. I did manage to convince all my children to become informed. Thanks to that, none of my 6 grandsons has suffered circumcision.
MrsConnors MrsConnors 7 years
I am the proud mother of an uncircumcised son. He is almost 10 years old now, happy, healthy, brilliant and kind. In the early stages of my pregnancy I started reading about circumcision, along with all of the other things I would need to learn and know and consider as a first-time parent. All the men in my family, including my son's father, are circumcised. Eventually after giving them literature to read they came around and understood my decision. Why on earth would I have someone surgically remove my son's foreskin, where all those nerve endings are, when there is no proof at all that doing so has any purpose? The pain a newborn infant must endure? What a horrific welcome to the world. How could I consciously choose to have this horrible procedure done to this gorgeous brand-new boy who I carried for well over 9 months, caring for him as he grew, eating well, taking care of myself so he would have the best chance to be born healthy and strong? How? The day after his birth a nurse came in with a bed and said they were going to do a check-up and then "circ him." I was exhausted and half asleep, and connected to an IV. I froze, must have turned white as a ghost, and as they were wheeling him out JUMPED out of my bed and ran to the door yelling "NO!" The nurse stopped looked at me as if I was crazy, and I yelled, "He is a NO CIRC!!!!" They went back and looked at his chart, where that request was buried as a small checkbox 10 pages deep. She said, "Oh, sorry, they usually are, we just don't check that often." For real. Let my son grow up like most of the population of the boys in the world with his penis INTACT the way it was meant to be.
Certifiable Certifiable 7 years
The statement that circumcision prevents anything is a myth. When circumcision first began in the medical community, in the early 1900s, it came about as a reaction to fear of an increasingly sexual society. The hospitals circumcised both male AND female infants. The female circumcision was called a clitiridectomy.. removal of the clitoris. To convince parents to allow the circumcisions, doctors claimed that circumcision cured ulcers, headaches, homosexuality, poor eyesight, and all sorts of wild things. HIV is just another one of those myths. Female circumcision has been outlawed, yet why are boys left unprotected from this brutality? It is quite strange how some people will do anything to their child just because they think "it's the in-thing to do". One day, maybe 50 years from now, Americans will look back at circumcision and see it as a crazy, medieval horror. As with many things in the past, people in the future will think, "How could they have been so stupid to cut off a part of a healthy baby over superstitions?"
DJorgenson DJorgenson 7 years
Circumcision does NOT reduce the transmission of HIV. It does NOT decrease the risk of any sexually transmitted disease. First of all, no reliable and unbiased studies have been produced on the topic. It needs to be made clear that just because someone has published a work claiming certain results, does not mean it the results are professional or legitimate. Secondly, just look at statistics! Only 5% of men in Europe are circumcised (the Jewish portion). Approximately 70% of men in the United States today are circumcised. Statistics also show that Europeans engage in TWICE as much sex as Americans. ...Yet, the rate of sexual transmitted diseases in the United States is significantly HIGHER than the rate in Europe. The European country with the highest rate of STD's is at 15%, while the United States is at 22%. In most European countries, the rate of HIV and AIDS is LESS THAN HALF the rate in the United States. If anything, the numbers show that circumcision INCREASES the rate of sexually transmitted diseases. The two most circumcised places in the world are the United States and Africa. Guess who has the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the world? The United States and Africa! Use your common sense. This pro-circumcision webpage was obviously written by someone who wants desperately to justify circumcision, for reasons unknown. Also, be aware that Pop Sugar is blatantly pro-circumcision. You can see that by reading the other articles that they've posted on the subject.
CoryH CoryH 7 years
There is no reason to circumcise an infant. 1. Let's compare the risks: There is a 10% chance that the boy will develop a problem with his foreskin in his life. However, most foreskin problems can now be fixed easily and non-surgically. There is a 10% chance that the baby's circumcision will be botched and result in the loss of his penis or death. It's no contest for me. I would sooner risk an infection that can be cured by antibiotics, instead of risking my child's life. 2. The claim that circumcision prevents HIV and AIDS is false. The studies that claimed this were conducted in Africa, on men who were all intact. None of the men were circumcised in infancy, they were circumcised at the time of the study, and then not allowed to have sex for the six weeks that it took the wound to heal. Meanwhile, the uncircumcised men were told to have sex without condoms. The study was halted when researchers realized that the variable contributing to STDs was NOT the cut of the penis, but rather the women who contracted the viruses. The results were flawed. The study did NOT pass peer review. Anyway, infants and children are not going to be sexually active, so the argument that circumcision should be done to protect from STDs is ludicrous and illogical. 3. IF the male wants to be circumcised one day, he can have it done when he turns 18. Adult circumcision is less painful, less risky, easier to care for, and there is guaranteed anesthesia. Infants are more sensitive to pain than adults. Most doctors don't even numb the penis before they do it because the baby's screams don't bother them. The foreskin isn't loose at birth, like it is in older boys. It's attached to the glans (head) of the baby's penis. During infant circumcision, the foreskin must be torn away from the glans, which removes the majority of pleasurable nerve endings in the penis. The glans of a man who was circumcised in infancy are raw and desensitized (They lack the full potential for sexual pleasure that intact men have). However, the foreskin has separated from the glans on its own by adulthood, and very little sensitivity is lost in adult circumcision. There are also many adverse psychological effects that occur after infant circumcision. The infant's trust is damaged, his cries become more intense, his temperament and personality change, he becomes more aggressive and violent, and he becomes anxious and fearful of his surroundings. Those are only a few of the documented mental side effects of infant circumcision. Adult circumcision will not have these side effects, as the man is choosing the surgery and knows what to expect. 4. Circumcision is not a "quick snip". It's a surgery in which they strap the baby down and cut off a healthy, protective, and useful part of his penis. Circumcision is extremely painful. Even with anesthetic (which is rarely used) the pain cannot be entirely eliminated. The needle itself is very painful and must be shot into multiple areas of the baby's genital region--including straight into the head of the penis. A dorsal nerve block (the most commonly used anesthetic) only numbs the top of the penis. Once the doctor begins cutting the underside of the penis, the pain is felt full force. Circumcision involves crushing the foreskin with a cold metal clamp. Once the foreskin is crushed for a few minutes, the foreskin is cut away with surgical scissors and knives--slicing apart veins, nerves, and muscle tissue--for up to 15 minutes. Many babies go into shock from the intense pain and stop reacting, and then the doctor wrongly tells the parents that the baby has fallen asleep. 5. Circumcision does NOT keep the penis cleaner. An intact boy only has to pull back the foreskin and let the water run over the glans in order to keep himself clean. How clean a boy is, and how good he smells, depends only on his personal hygiene. If you can teach a girl how to clean herself, why can't you teach a boy? 6. The foreskin is not a birth defect. All males are born with it. It is a healthy part of the male body and has many important functions. The foreskin protects the head of the penis from infection, and abrasion from rubbing against clothing. The foreskin also lubricates the penis and enhances sexual pleasure for both the male AND the female. An intact penis penetrates and glides smoother, which is more comfortable for the female. Most females prefer intact (uncircumcised) partners. 7. The United States is the only country left that continues regular circumcision in hospitals. Other countries, such as Canada and Australia have discontinued the practice in their hospitals because the surgery is severely damaging to the infant and has no benefits. Most parents today are NOT having their boys circumcised. Statistics show that by 2050, most males in the USA will be UNcut (uncircumcised), and circumcised males will be outnumbered.
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
I think circumcised penises are way better looking, I've seen both...If I have a son one day, you better believe he's getting snipped
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
excellent comment, anon.
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