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How Did Your Baby Develop According to Milestone Markers?

If you sit around at the park long enough, you're bound to hear a mother bragging about her child speeding past the milestone markers earlier than expected or a distressed mama who is worried that her son isn't on the same page as his peers. Developmental calendars are posted in the pediatrician's office and at each well checkup of his first year of life, doctors ask the standard questions to see how baby is chugging along in comparison with others of the same age. While most every mum is bound to worry at some time or another, each child is different and will grow into his own at his own pace. So tell mommy, where did your child fall on the milestone markers?

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danaruth danaruth 7 years
My daughter got her first tooth at 8 months (which was "late"), walked at 14 months (which was "late") but has a vocabulary of probably 200 words at 21 months, and could count to 20 and recognize and say the alphabet at 19 months. Kids hit some early, some late, and some when they get around to it! :)
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
I am also an "other". My son pretty much hit every milestone on time until we got to the talking. My 19 month old is still only saying 1-2 words! Driving me a little nuts.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
My kid hit every single milestone on our ped's list months and months ahead of time.. I don't in ANY way think she is special, or overly smart, or gifted, I think she was just insanely determined. She has never been a sit still kind of baby, and she struggled to hit each new stage so she could be off and into something else. She wasn't even a very happy baby until she could walk, because her lack of easy mobility was a major boon to her existance.
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