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Mommy's doing the cabbage patch and singing out loud, "They're gone... they're gone... they're gone." The opportunity for some mom-me time may not come around that often so when mama finds herself free of kids, hubby and other responsibilities, she can do whatever her heart desires. Perhaps she has planned a Mexican getaway to celebrate a 30th birthday or maybe she's just eager for a night out on the town. But one thing seems to be common among many mothers... their party bark is bigger than their bite.

Many ladies talk up a big game of sipping cocktails and staying up until the wee hours of the morn but in reality, many spend their time catching up with friends on the couch or playing Guitar Hero and sneaking into bed earlier than expected. The fear of hangovers may be to blame or perhaps it is their internal clocks ticking to a settled routine that keeps mommies from playing too hard.

How do you play when the kids are away?

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starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
Have to agree with misssushi. I don't think it's the kids keeping us from partying. I went out when I was already pregnant and didn't know it. And I didn't even have fun. It just wasn't for me anymore. Those days were awesome but are long gone. That's just not me anymore.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I didn't party or go out before I had kids, so i won't when they're with a sitter.. I think the lack of partying after kids probably has more with growing older and change of interest then the actual kids. Eventually, most people, will grow past the bar/club scene whether they have kids or not. If they were just casual about it before, chances are it will phase out. Core interests usually stay pretty constant, but most people change as they get older whether they realize it or not. I have lots of friends who were die hard club hoppers pre kids and they still go out every week.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
I choose the 'I don't get "me" time' because that's the current life I have for the last 4 something year. Oh if only I have more 'me' time, I want to join volunteer group (like I used to do b4 kids), do volunteer work at least once or twice a week, I want to READ a book..not just skipping over a magazine..a REAL book and actually finish it. And I want....uninterrupted sleep and actually SLEEP IN without anyone yelling and screaming in the morning (Yes, that includes my hub who yells for me if I tried to sneak in that extra 5 minute LOL) in the morning. Dude, I'm so boring, but yeah, I've 'been out of the party-hardy' day a couple years before I met my hub anyway so it's not like I miss those days too much. Right now I'm sneaking in 10 minutes here and there online during the day (currently bathing my son in the afternoon)'ll be great to have good amount of computer time without sacrificing my sleep time too :D
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