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How to Find the Best Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup Showdown — Which Cup Takes First Place?

When other parents in my circle of mom friends started emailing about the Doidy Cup ($9), I was intrigued — by its silly name, silly shape, and what all the buzz was about. It's not a true sippy cup, rather a two-handled angled cup that teaches babies to drink from a rim, rather than a spout — something that my pediatrician is an advocate of.
Lisa Horten, Associate Editor

How quickly did baby take to it? He grabbed for the cup, and understood how to use the handles right away, but judging how much water to take down in one sip was (and still is) the tricky part of this design.

Is it easy for tots to pull water out of it? Yes — too easy! The greatest advantage of the cup's design is also its biggest pitfall. Eliminating a lid and spout means that your little one is going to have an easier time taking in more water (and spilling more too!)

How easy is it to clean? The one-piece design makes it as easy to clean as any other cup in your house. The Doidy Cup is dishwasher safe (top shelf) and very durable.

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