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How to Find the Best Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup Showdown — Which Cup Takes First Place?

One look at the Boon Fluid Sippy Cup ($8), and I was intrigued. All of Boon's products have a sleek, modern feel, and the Fluid is no exception. — Lisa

How quickly did baby take to it? Seeing as this cup is unique to anything else that my baby had ever seen or drank from, I expected it to take him a little longer to get the hang of it — and I was right. The shape was easy for him to hold, but he wasn't sure what to do next — biting the side seemed to be most appealing.

Is it easy for tots to pull water out of it? Once he got the hang of how to drink from it, the flow on the Fluid seemed to be decently quick. It does leak very easily though, which I saw as a drawback.

How easy is it to clean? In the dishwasher, it's easy to clean (there are only two pieces — no valve) — with a bottle brush, it's impossible to reach all angles of the cup.

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