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How France Gets Moms Back in Shape for Sex

How France Gets Moms Back in Shape for Sex

Do French moms have it better than American moms? First there was the release of Bringing Up Bébé, a book in which American author Pamela Druckerman contends that French children are better-behaved than American children. Now blogger Claire Lundberg has published a story on explaining, in unblushing detail, how the French government pays the bill to help French moms get their vaginas back in shape after birth.

Lundberg revelas how in France Social Security funds "la rééducation périnéale," as part of routine post natal care. The program provides up to 20 sessions of physical therapy designed to firm and tone the postnatal pelvic floor. Lundberg says the French are pretty open about the reasons: "It being France, everyone wants you to be able to have sex with your husband again as soon as possible."

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What kind of post natal medical support did you receive after giving birth?

Image Source: Illustration by Rob Donnelly via Slate

KellyRussell33945 KellyRussell33945 5 years
So far both of these articles have done NOTHING to improve my opinion of France. France is def. not a role model nation in how our governement or parenting should be done.
AnjaMarie AnjaMarie 5 years
@Meilan 'That's ridiculous! The governement doesn't refund that so we can have sex with our husbands again fast.' I totally differ in my opinion for this particular country: France has a medical system is so male dominated and the average birth is so medicalised so that they can be in control. You have to follow a strict timetable of check-ups, loads of scans, blood tests etc - if you don't attend these, you are not covered by their insurance (sécurité sociale). I had so much full information given to me in the UK about all areas (including possible risks of different things) so you can make your own intelligent decisions, in France it is watered down (as if you were not capable of handling more info) and basically you are told what to do - they don't expect you to have an opinion. You don't get to do a birth plan, make choices, etc. this is because it's easier for them to forget you are a mother and you are doing something natural and make you fit into their plan. When I had my children, no one supported me to breastfeed in France; 'your husband won't appreciate it', 'we are in the 21st century', 'we have bottles' and the worst 'modern women are not capable of doing that'; whereas in the UK everyone was encouraging. I also found the typical conversations of new mothers very different - in France it was much more about their figure, and spoiled looks from lack of sleep, etc. The after care in my opinion is nothing to do with the welfare of the woman, it's for the good of the male dominated society. And then you are expected to put your child in a nursery when they are 18 months old (otherwise you are a bit of a social outcast).
DawnaWillis DawnaWillis 5 years
I am an American Nurse Practitioner, and I test all of my mothers vaginal tone at their 6 week postpartum checkup. If their vaginal tone is weak (it usually is after 2 or 3 babies) then I show them how to do Kegels exercises and they follow-up later for re-evaluation. If no improvement they get a referral to a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic toning. All women don't have an issue and wouldn't require PT. However if the correct diagnosis is used, it is usually covered.
hannah65478 hannah65478 5 years
It's rubbish here in the UK I've had a bad prolapse and can't get refered to a phisio even though sex is impossible and so is bladder control (not good at any age but for a 25 year old it's depressing!)
jamspc jamspc 5 years
A perfect example of why France is bankrupted.
BirgitGranmaCampana BirgitGranmaCampana 5 years
Love the french society and how well they take care of their people.
RachelBurrell RachelBurrell 5 years
I think that's fantastic. Who cares what the reason is?! I would totally take advantage of this if it were offered in Canada :)
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