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How I Deal With My Super-Active Toddler

Toddlers are famous for their high energy levels, and it's a common stereotype that boys are even more active than girls. Whether that's universally true or not, there are certainly a lot of moms in Circle of Moms communities who are wondering how to contain their tiny whirlwind boys. As the mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old climber/runner/jumper/screamer myself, I say: Don't try to contain him; just keep him safe and conserve your energy.

Jen is the mom of a toddler boy who she says seems overly active. She wonders why other kids stay focused during story time, while her son has about a 10-second attention span. Her son, she says, was even active in the womb! If you're dealing with a similar situation, take heart. Many moms commiserate, and have weighed in to reassure you that your son's antics are normal.

Kristen B., for one, has a four-year-old who was extremely active at 18 months. Her advice? "Save yourself anxiety, and try getting a ball and some toys to the park and let him just run around," she says. The old "wear-'em-out" theory has some merit, as your child will eventually tire. The harder he plays, the harder he will sleep!



Is My Child's Activity Level a Sign of ADHD?

Another mom dealing with a jumping bean is Nicole L., whose two-year-old son wants to explore absolutely everything. While other kids sit and wait patiently, her son runs around the room. Yet she notices that he can also be very focused, so she doesn't worry about behavioral disorders like ADHD. (Related: 3 Common Signs of ADD/ADHD).

For moms are that do read the possibility of a behavioral condition into their toddler's high energy antics, it's important to consider that it's common for kids of this age, and for boys in particular, to be very physically active. (Researchers point to the fact that boys' bodies produce less of the impulse-controlling hormone serotonin than girls do, among other reasons.) Furthermore, it's not entirely clear that a diagnosis of ADHD is valid when made this early. (The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends diagnosing a child once they're school-age.)

So just keep your child safe and conserve your own energy! Instead of chasing your son around, watch him. You don't have to participate in every acrobatic feat, or follow him up every ladder. Just let him know you're watching which will thrill him and let him know that you think he's amazing, which you surely do.

This article is not intended as medical advice. If you are concerned your child is exhibiting signs of ADHD, consult your pediatrician.

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MissMommyMay MissMommyMay 4 years
My 8.5 month old is already so very hyper. when hes siting down his arms are flapping as soon as i pick him up his legs are going a milke a mintune! I dont know what to do. He doesnt really like being held unless hes really tired. Unless hes distracted his arms are always going. The neurologist said stereotypies but i am wondering if he is just really hyper?
AnneWicks AnneWicks 5 years
mine running,jumping, screaming ball of energy is a 2.5 yr old girl. the docs have already questioned her non stop energy but im not worried, too much, just wait and see and yeah she gets a lot of time at the park and toddler groups. both my girls are polar opposites of each other, my 5 yr old will sit and draw and do crafty bits and read for hours so i should expect my little one to be manic.
NikitaMurray NikitaMurray 5 years
My 3 year old son is very active. I put him in swimming, music dance and movement and gymnastic. He's so much calmer than before but still has some energy left over for mischief lol.
MarshaMais MarshaMais 5 years
Folks, let's not run to ADHD route so soon. Wait until they're in school to see if they're hyper activity can be calmed or if its distracting to their learning process and they need a little extra helping hand. Until school age, deal with the hyperness, and give the little one plenty to do.
SadiaKhan20087 SadiaKhan20087 5 years
My sons Three now and has been really active from day dot. A number of people always comment on my son being really active to the point some have questioned if he has ADHD. I don't think that this is the case. He is just really active and if little children's energy is not channeled correctly they act up. I found to Channel my sons untold amount of energy I had to put him into Swimming and Football as well as sending him nursery twice a week. Now my son seems completely calm and seems to have the ability to concentrate unlike before. Remember each child is different and there are so many activities for toddlers now that we are spoilt for choice. Try out for ideas. Good Luck!
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