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How Long Did You Stay In the Hospital After Delivery?

Hospital Stay: Did You Stay or Did You Go?

Aside from the groans of labor and the sterile aroma, registering at the hospital to deliver a baby can feel a bit like checking into a hotel for a getaway, especially second time mothers. Moms-to-be who are bursting at the seams are typically beyond ready to welcome their wee one to the world and rest up after the tough task of pushing or surgery. From the second mama arrives, the nurses and doctors will be catering to her every need. Crushed ice, fresh bandages, new sheets, emptied garbage cans, and timely meals may be enough to make a mother never want to bid the maternity ward adieu. Add a nursery with a bevy of skilled caretakers to the mix and the place may look like baby utopia. Still, some mothers can't wait to zip up their bags and buckle the new family in for an early departure back to the comforts of their own home.

Were you begging to go home early or did you take advantage of every last minute of hospital hospitality?

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Pampire Pampire 7 years
I stayed only 24 hours with my first and second, but I took full advantage of the stays at night because I wanted to be rested up when I got home because I knew that I would be doing the night time feedings by myself so I enjoyed the one night of help with those! On the other hand though, I couldn't wait to be home too!
luckyme luckyme 7 years
With our first, I stayed just over 48 hours and I wanted OUT. I was so ready to be home. Going in with that knowledge the second time, i was homeward bound within 24 hours of having her.
jessie jessie 7 years
I had to stay with my first and 3 for about 48 hours. But with my 2nd I was out a litle over 24 hours.
vmruby vmruby 7 years
I was released in a little over 24 hours....
kindo1313 kindo1313 7 years
I hated staying in the hospital and left as soon as I could--before my baby was even 24 hours old. My OB was supportive and told me that the hospital is no place for healthy people. The hospital sent a home care nurse out to my house to check on my son the next day. For my second child, I really took my OB's advice to heart and had a home birth. Unless it's medically necessary, I will never give birth in the hospital again.
JoneyStar JoneyStar 7 years
I took advantage of everything. It was my first child and I was in a great Women's Hospital. I was in there for about a week because I was borderline preeclamptic. It was horrible at first. Waking me up every few hours to take my blood sugar and pressure. But after I had the baby and they took all the tubes and IVs away it was like being in a spa. They even gave a complementary massage.
emo_stacer emo_stacer 7 years
4 days, but it was more for the baby than me.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
1st I was home in less than 24 hours (not typical, but I really just wanted to be at home). 2nd I was released after 24 hours. 3rd & 4th I was in the hospital for 2 days with both of those deliveries.
CarrieK CarrieK 7 years
I had an easy delivery and a horrible hospital stay afterwards. I was overlooked for dinner after delivery AND breakfast and my husband decided that he should sleep in my hospital bed with me instead of the uncomfortable couch/bed that is in the room. I could not wait to check out and did so as soon as they would let me.
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