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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Bedrest Bash: Diaper Cake Decor

I love the idea of a diaper cake. Unfortunately, I don't like the price they charge for them. So I put my creative juices to work and crafted my own. Making the cake allows you to personalize it to suit the mama–to–be.

To see how to make a diaper cake,


Supplies you will need:

  • Diapers (I try to find plain ones so the colors won't clash too much)
  • Tulle fabric
  • Ribbons (different sizes and colors)
  • Scissors
  • Tape (optional)
  • Cake platter
  • Cup (can help hold diapers in place)
  • Bottle
  • Candy
  • Extra doo-dads, like pacifiers, onesies, etc.

Check out the gallery below for a step–by–step how–to on making a diaper cake.


First, make a loop with the ribbon and tie a knot. You will start to place the folded diapers in the ring.

Next, fold the diapers and start placing them inside the looped ribbon.

Soon, you will start filling it up.

A cup in the center can help you shape the circle and fill out the edges.

Start your second layer.

When you take the cup out, you can fill the empty space with extra diapers.

Full diapered level.

Last loop is much smaller to top the cake.

Since the loop is smaller, you will have to fold the diaper three ways.

Using bamboo skewers or coffee stirrers can help keep the layers in place.

I found small pieces of silver and gold leather in the remnants at a fabric store. Cut out shapes and tape them on to the cake.

Close up of gold bottle.

Add pacifiers, onesies, aspirators and the like for extra decoration.

Close up of gold heart.

Close up of pacifier.

Instead of filling the top layer with diapers, put a candy filled bottle in the center.

Place the cake (ideally on a cake platter) on one yard of tulle.

Before wrapping it up.

Gather all of the edges and tie a bow at the top.

*For extra decor, buy some helium-filled balloons in the same colors and fill the room with the hovering pieces.

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