It's multiple mania here at Sugar! After sending queen Sugar on her way to deliver a healthy baby girl, we showered our own LilSugar in bright floral style. The only thing that could outdo those diaper cakes would be TWO of them. More babies mean more festivities and that includes the decorations. Instead of making one grand centerpiece, I opted to make a couple of smaller ones to send our ShopStyle girl off in, well, style!

To see more photos and a detailed explanation on how to make the pair of "pastries,"


The party hostess chose the theme and ribbons of pink and black as the mother-to-be is expecting twin daughters and works for our fab group, ShopStyle. Instead of stuffing the base full of diapers, I chose to build around two sparkling bottles of pink champagne that will give the mom some extra incentive to push through labor. Folding each diaper in half, I packed them in a circle and tied them with a thick black grosgrain ribbon. Next, I began to make the second layer and wrapped it with the fleur de lis ribbon. For the top of the cake, I took one diaper and wrapped it tightly around the neck of the bottle and cinched it with the last piece of pink grosgrain ribbon. Instead of a regular cake platter, we placed the cakes on basket weaved platters. To finish the look, take two yards of tulle and tie it up top with a bow. Mommy will be delighted that the twins are already keeping their own identities separate and she'll have twice as many diapers!

* If you do not have a cake plate, you can use a cardboard box as the base. To make it more attractive, wrap it in tissue or adorned paper for an adorable and eco-friendly platter.