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Kids Ask HOW Many Questions Per Day?!

Feel like you've answered a hundred questions today from your curious little one? In actuality, you're probably fielding closer to 300!

As reports, a Littlewoods retailer survey has revealed that moms field an average of 288 questions a day from their young children, with the number of questions asked varying by age of child. The most inquiries per day come from 4-year-old girls — the survey found that the daily number of questions they put to their moms is an incredible 390!

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BettyKyle BettyKyle 4 years
My best friend loves answering all the questions she looks at it as a challenge to herself to see how many she can answer. She even takes all the answering of questions off my shoulders when she is here, she then has 5 kids asking her questions. That's a lot of questions. wow ill have to send her this article
NicoleWinter11247 NicoleWinter11247 4 years
Yeah, that sounds about right. No wonder after awhile the answer just becomes "because," or "I don't know," it's enough to drive even the staunchest mother insane.
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