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How Normal Is A Morning Sickness-Free Pregnancy?

How Normal Is A Morning Sickness-Free Pregnancy?

“I never had morning sickness, the summer I was pregnant was the best ever,” writes Circle of Moms member Brittany E.

I had nothing at all either. No morning sickness, no cravings, hardly any weight gain (14 lbs), [lots of] energy, [and] no mood swings,” shares Kristina B.

Before you cry, no fair!, remember that many women who don't get sick when pregnant spend a lot of energy worrying if everything is going alright. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists attributes morning sickness to increasing hormone levels, but doesn't offer a very satisfactory explanation for its lack. That omission in understanding can cause a pregnant woman who isn’t sick to wonder if her pregnancy is getting enough hormonal support. 


“I am 13 weeks pregnant,” writes Shannon H. “Not once have I had morning sickness? Is something wrong?”

Not at all, reassure other moms, including Kande. She had no morning sickness throughout her pregnancy, and a “linebacker” appetite. “Some people warned that lack of morning sickness means that you have a ‘weak’ pregnancy,” she posts. But at 26 weeks and still with no illness, her doctor reassured her "that both the baby and I are healthy as can be.”

Ashley echos the sentiment that “Nothing at all is wrong with you or your baby," and reminds moms that "Every pregnancy is not going to be exactly the same." She had no morning sickness and reports that she and her baby were "completely fine." Now four, her child is still "very healthy."

Her statement is backed up by Dr. Gerald M. DiLeo, an obstetrician practicing since 1981 and former chief of medical staff at Lakeview Regional Medical Center in New Orleans, LA. Dr. DiLeo regularly answers questions at BabyZone.

“Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy – but not the only one. Yes, many pregnant women experience nausea in their first trimester, and even beyond. But there are those lucky few that don’t experience nausea while pregnant. Just because you don’t feel nauseous doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your unborn baby. If you’re still concerned, don’t be shy about setting an appointment with your healthcare provider to reassure you that you and your baby are just fine.”

Once your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, follow the advice of other moms.

Don’t worry. Be thankful you’re not puking your guts out every morning,” advises Amber.

“It is perfectly normal. Consider yourself one of the few lucky moms,” states Lindsay.

Image Source: by Sean Dreilinger via Flickr/Creative Commons

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vanessa72986 vanessa72986 5 years
I had no morning sickness with either of my boys (2). And I never felt like i worried about what was or wasn't happening. Or if something was wrong.
Jade26700 Jade26700 5 years
This is my first and I've had no morning sickness, or crazy emotions I gained weight but no one could tell I wore my regular clothes up until now I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I started showing at like 30 weeks everyone says i look like I'm only a few months, I think it's just because I'm so tiny my doctor says baby and I are in perfect health guess it just depends on the person..I'm so glad I didn't get morning sickness though
CrystalCimalore CrystalCimalore 6 years
This is my first child and I'm 6 months pregnant and I never had one once of morning sickness... both baby and I are still very healthy and he's growing right on track where he should be for 24weeks.
ColetteMartin63281 ColetteMartin63281 6 years
No you're just LUCKY!!!! Be grateful for that because if you have another kid you might get it bad. I never had it with my first child but I'm 28 weeks pregnant and just recently (hopefully for good) stopped having it and it was horrible!!
Jen85877 Jen85877 6 years
I had no morning sickness with my first but did with my second. My first is a healthy little 18 month old boy. Born healthy and happy. Our second is due in Jan and every ultrasound has shown a healthy little baby.
KerryEyre KerryEyre 6 years
I feel blessed that I experienced no morning sickness with my pregnancy. My skin glowed and my hair was luxurious and glossy as well. I did experience cravings (mostly for chocolate) and I was extremely tired in my first and third trimester. I know of 2 mothers who were hospitalised because of morning sickness. They were unable to keep any food down and had to go on intravenous drips, so I feel very blessed indeed, especially that I have a happy and healthy girl (now 5 yrs old).
MadieKnudson MadieKnudson 6 years
I have had 3 pregnancies and not once have I been sick:) And my babies have been as healthy as can be:))
DebbieJoMoltzen DebbieJoMoltzen 6 years
My son is 14mo - i had 3 occasions of feeling slightly ill but only for 15mins each time - and i put it down to the fact that it was 30mins past my meal time. My sister on the other hand had sickness the whole way through - both our children are fine an healthy. Different people experience different symptoms is all. I dont think it determines the end result
CoMMember13630894111739 CoMMember13630894111739 6 years
I have 2 children, 4yrs and 2yrs. I was extremely sick with both. Diagnosed with Hyperemesis, I had to be admitted to hospital for a few days to get hydrated again. It lasted right till the day I gave birth to them, it's a very hard thing to go through. My mum was never sick in her pregnancies. We are hoping and praying that any more pregnancies we go through will not result in me being as sick!
LaressaMarengere LaressaMarengere 6 years
Only got sick with the healthy pregnancies. For me it is a sign of whether or not it's a keeper.
CoMMember13625605121548 CoMMember13625605121548 6 years
I never had any morning sickness with my daughter. I bearely ganied any weight and rarely found it hard going. I got some swelling in the last couple of weeks and I did crave marzipan. My moods were all over the shop but I'm pretty emotional anyway so that wasn't a surprise! Very uneventful pregnancy really :0)
MelissaDunn21802 MelissaDunn21802 6 years
It's different for everyone and every pregnancy. My first pregnancy I had morning sickness all 9 months but my second pregnancy I never had morning sickness. Both of them were born at 37 weeks and healthy.
adriannehathaway adriannehathaway 6 years
I have had three children, and I didn't have morning sickness with any of them. They were all full term and healthy :)
StephaniePlotz StephaniePlotz 6 years
i have three kids 2 boys and a girl and i never got sick with any of them and all pregnancy's went just fine, and all my kids are healthy
LoriMolina28488 LoriMolina28488 6 years
With my oldest who is now 3, I was sick 24/7 all throughout my pregnancy with her, I gained 71 lbs because of the fluid I had, I had high BP and my whole body would just swell up, from the min. I got out of bed to the time I went to bed, and the Dr. I had with her never put me on bed rest! With my youngest who is now 2, I was only sick with the last 2 months with her, never swole, never had high BP, and I only gained about 20 lbs with her. So when they say every pregnancy is different they are right!
KrystalMcKinley KrystalMcKinley 6 years
in response to Anna Wick - commented on Jun 30, 2011 I have an informal theory: if your mom didn't have morning sickness you won't either. Anyone care to support or refute? I have 2 kids, no morning sickness with either, and my mom didn't have morning sickness with her pregnancies either. My mom reported she had no morning sickness with me or my three younger sisters, and the two of them who are mommies were never sick either, BUT I was lucky to make it through my first trimester without sickness, unfortunately my second trimester I was sick a great deal. Whenever I ate, then drive or ride in the car = sick. When overly hungry = sick. If someone got sick (or even mentioned it) = sick. I tried everything, but what help the most (especially for carsickness, was Lifesaver Peppermints! They come individually wrapped, and they was a bag in my car, my purse, in my classroom and at home! It was about the only thing that helped, truly a "lifesaver"!!!
AshleyHarris55842 AshleyHarris55842 6 years
I have 4 kids and never sick with any one of them.
GayleBeyke GayleBeyke 6 years
Fortunatly I never had morning sickness AND I was not preggo in the summer, but a big preggo belly of twins kept my body warm in winter!!
TabithaBrown64191 TabithaBrown64191 6 years
I never had morning sickness either, my son was born healthy :)
NanciSee NanciSee 6 years
While pregnant with my twin girls I never got sick in the normal since, I could see something on TV and it would make me sick (had to stop watching my husbands fav show Dirty Jobs cause that show allways had me running for the bathroom) but nothing eles bothered me. Thankfully that only lasted a few weeks. Thought my girls had to come a month early they never spent one sec in the NICU and got to come home on almost 2 yrs old they are well beyond many of thier singlton peers. My best freind pregnant at the same time was seriously sick the whole pregnancy...people are diffrent, so are pregnancies :)
JulieHurley90116 JulieHurley90116 6 years
i was not sick either...i craved Oranges...but the smell of raw hotdogs brought on the nausea...i still cant eat a hotdog and my son will be 5 this dont worry about not being sick...just be grateful that you are not.....
KatjaCaseyMagnus KatjaCaseyMagnus 6 years
I only had morning sickness 1 week during my 6th week, which actually made me take the test to find out that I was pregnant. I had a wonderful pregnancy and never felt better in my life. My son war born at 7.1lbs and 21 1/2 inches, he is now 2 and rarley gets sick and is a great kiddo. I considered myself very fortunate NOT to have had the morning sickness!
StephanieOtte64134 StephanieOtte64134 6 years
I didn't get sick once. I had maybe a few moments in the beginning where my stomach felt queasy, but it quickly subsided. I never once threw up, and pretty much only gained about 25 pounds total. My friend who had to be hospitalized during both pregnancies due to morning sickness really hated me lol. I did however get HORRIBLE heartburn towards the end...other then that, she's a perfectly healthy 17 month old!
AnnMarieBelders AnnMarieBelders 6 years
I had no morning sickness with all 3 of my children and they are all great 5, 2 and 7 1/2 months!! :)~
ElenaCicchitti ElenaCicchitti 6 years
I was blessed to have the easiest pregnancy ever! I never had morning sickness, cravings, etc. I drank lots of water and ate well which resulted in me only gaining 6lbs. I think a lot of symptoms are mental. People are always telling what/how you should be feeling.
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