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How Parents Influence Their Children's Education

Do You Push College More on Your Kid Than Your Parents Did?

There are parents that picture their babe in cap and gown the moment he's born. There are also moms and dads who don't think about college until their teen fills out the admission papers. In some families, a child is expected to become a legacy at the university generations have attended. Then there are graduates who become the first of their relatives to earn a diploma. Parents have an enormous amount of influence on their children's education. Were your parents more or less intent than you are about your youngster getting his degree?

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runningesq runningesq 6 years
lawchick: I didn't know you were pregnant - congratulations! :)
lawchick lawchick 6 years
LOL my post is full of grammatical errors - guess college doesn't teach you everything :) or can I just blame that on preggo brain??
lawchick lawchick 6 years
I had the same experience as running. My dad was an MD and my mom a PhD, so I grew up thinking college was not optional. It wasn't based on anything they said, though. They would've been ok if I hasn't gone to college. I was saw the usual path of all of those around us (go to college, get married, have a kid) and followed it. I think my husband and I would be ok with our child not going to college, but our child probably will for the same reason we did -- it was just the "norm" in our worlds (husband's parents are both PhDs).
runningesq runningesq 6 years
My parents didn't really insist on college - it was just sort of something I grew up knowing: I'd graduate from high school and go to college. I was very fortunante that they had saved/ invested and paid for my education (both undergradate and law school).
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