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How to Take a Photo of Your Kids Together (in 20 Easy Steps)

Jun 5 2014 - 4:37am

During an outing at the beach, I brought along my good camera (read: not my iPhone) with the intention of getting a great, frame-worthy picture of my two young children playing at the beach together. I was armed with some valuable tips on photographing siblings [1], matchy-matchy bathing suits, and a beautiful day. I got this. But if, like mine, your kids have different plans for your photo shoot, then I've detailed a few tips for still capturing that money shot. Who needs a professional photographer anyway?

Assess the Light

Look at that natural light. Let's do this.

Grab Their Attention

Hey! Hey! Look at Mommy!

Reevaluate Location

What's wrong? Oh, you don't like the sand.

Problem Solve

No problem. Everyone stand up.

Repeat Yourself, If Necessary (It Will Be)

Yoo-hoo! I said stand up!

I Hope You Like Hearing Yourself Yell


Take Charge

Wait, where are you going? Come back here!

Seize Candid Opportunities

Oh, wait! Maybe I'll get one of those cute running action shots. Good! Run toward Mama!

But Remember, You're Not a Professional

Whoa! You ran a little too close there, bud! Back up.

Break Out the Props

Maybe we need just some props?

But Ditch Them If Too Distracting

All right. Bad idea. Everyone put down the props!

Remember, Repetition Is Key

Too close again. Back up, buddy!

Make Sure Assistants Stay Out of Sight

Seriously? Honey, get out of the picture!

And Bystanders

OK, now that's cute . . . ah, come on, lady!

Offer Pose Suggestions

OK, how about we just hug and look at Mommy?

. . . but Disregard Theirs

Bud, put your arms down.

And Repeat

OK, why do you guys keep doing that with your arms?

Add In Fun Noises

Look at Mommy! (Cue snapping and whistling.)

And Again

LOOK AT MOMMMMMMMMMY! (Cue even louder clapping.)

And Finally, Lower Your Expectations

OK, that's a wrap. Surely, we got a good one, right?

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