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How to Prepare Kids For a New Sibling

What Older Siblings Need to Be Told

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The introduction of a new baby to any household is wonderful but undoubtedly tough, and if your family includes a toddler or little kid, the transition is that much more stressful. While many little ones are excited to meet their new baby brother or sister, others realize early on that mom's and dad's attention is going to have to be shared with a tiny intruder. And for moms, who are already trying to deal with the complexities of raising a little kid and surviving the ups and downs of pregnancy, any hint of early sibling rivalry can make life seem even harder.

My almost-3-year-old daughter has seemed pretty uninterested in the impending arrival of her new brother, never really bringing it up unless her dad and I ask her about him. But when her favorite game suddenly became "I'm a baby," which involved begging to be rocked and swaddled and only speaking in baby voices, I realized she was processing more than I thought, and I decided to become much more proactive about getting her ready for big sisterhood. If you're trying to prep your little one for a new baby, keep reading. Following these simple tips can make everyone in your family as excited about the new baby as you are!

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