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Texting while driving is one of the stupidest things a person (especially a person with precious cargo in their backseat) can do. There's no question about that. But if we're going to be completely honest here, staying 100 percent disengaged from that beeping, blinking, vibrating smartphone while behind the wheel is easier said than done. If you can honestly say that you never glance down at your texts or do a quick scroll through emails when traffic's at a standstill, or when you're at a traffic light, then that's extremely impressive. I can't.

But yesterday, while cruising down the West Side Highway with my two-year-old in the backseat, I had an "Aha!" moment. As I sighed in surrender to his relentless quest for me to hand over "dump truck videos" (his activity of choice on my iPhone), I realized that I was killing two birds with one stone. While allowing my son to commandeer my (kid-proofed) device for our 30-minute journey, I was also keeping the phone off-limits from myself. When we hit a red light, there was no temptation to sneak a peek at what emails, texts, or Instagram posts I might be missing.

Giving into a few minutes of your kids' guilty pleasure apps or YouTube videos is a more than reasonable trade-off for the safety of your family and everyone else on the road. It's as simple and straightforward as that.

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Michelle15499717 Michelle15499717 3 years

Uhm, no...not the smartest thing you can do. The smartest thing you can do is shut the thing off or silence it before you put the car in gear....or keep it tucked away in your purse or console out of view. No need to be married to the thing. People are moving in fast forward way too much lately. How about you have conversations with your kids, play eye spy, teach them about the world around them. My daughter reads to me, asks questions and has some of the most thoughtful conversations while we are driving. We sing songs too. Yes, I have to break up back seat wars sometimes, but I would with a phone too because unless I had one for each, it's gonna backfire into who got what when and whose turn it is. How about we teach our children the old fashioned way....that they do not need an electronic device to survive a long car ride. I've done it both ways with my kids on road trips, one who has severe autism. The behavior is always better without the technology.

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