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How to Use Cloth Diapers Without Touching Poop

How to Use Cloth Diapers Without Touching Poop

When we were thinking about how we'd care for our baby, we knew we really wanted to go the hippie route and cloth diaper. All I could think about were disposable diaper chemicals touching precious baby bottom skin, and that was enough to turn me off to paper diapers. And my husband couldn't get over the environmental effects of solely disposable diapering. 

So we were in agreement: We would cloth diaper.

But what I wouldn't admit is that I secretly wanted to use disposable diapers. I felt like a bad mom saying so, so I didn't. Still, my mind was consumed with nasty visions of scooping poop and rinsing diaper blowouts off in the toilet, the countless hours of laundry I'd likely be doing, and the hassle of managing a diaper-cleaning schedule in the midst of all the other schedule changes I'd be encountering.

I talked to my mom about my concerns.

She suggested I look into a diaper service.

"Mom," I said, "This isn't 1952. People don't send out their laundry." Regardless, I mentioned it to my husband and he did a little research. Turns out there are tons of cloth diaper cleaning services just in the Denver-metro area, and others scattered all over the country.


We ended up going with a local service that costs just $20 a week. For that fee I get the full benefits of cloth diapering without the mess. Each week, a delivery man brings me 50 clean cloth diapers Iris has 100 to her name, and they just cycle 50 from the same pile to me every week so that we're always using her diapers. They supply a pail, plastic bags, and odor eaters too. At the end of the week, I just plop a blue bag of dirty diapers on my front porch, and a few hours later, clean ones magically appear! It's sensational!

(For all sorts of reasons for cloth diapering, see my friend Betty's great post.)

Anyone else out there use a diapering service? What are your thoughts?

Image Source: Sarah Ann Noel

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SeaMaiden SeaMaiden 5 years
We cloth diapered and loved it! And I used a service, at least for the first 2 years or so. I couldn't stand the idea of touching poop and swishing it in the toilet and all those other things i heard horror stories about, but I also hated the idea of disposables because of their nasty chemicals and nasty impact on the environment. Using a local service was perfect for us. I always washed my own covers, and found that wasn't a big deal, and then when we moved to wool covers for night which SAVED our bed from puddles I hand washed those and didn't feel it was a big deal at all. Once my daughter was day potty trained I cancelled our service and bought 5 cloth prefolds for night. Every few days I toss them in with the towels (after a little soak) and it is easy-peasy. The poop mornings were less fun but happily she doesn't have those any more. With a second child, I might even do our own cloth diapers without the service from the beginning. Might. But you couldn't pay me to use disposables. Those are still icky to me!
Sunny96437 Sunny96437 5 years
gdiapers have an easy plastic pocket that snaps in and the insert goes in that. they clean easily
Sunny96437 Sunny96437 5 years
check out (gdiapers) they are 100 biodegradable and have something called a SWISH stick that you push the poop off the diaper with. They havev disposable inserts that you can throw out or flush. In a landfill this entire diaper is gone in 1 month.
RebeccaHealy RebeccaHealy 5 years
I agree with Andrea - I think it always seems harder than it actually is - flick solids into the toilet, hard spray rinse in the laundry trough and into a sudsy bucket to be washed every day... easy!
MarshaMais MarshaMais 5 years
Nope, 4th baby in and I still can't remotely imagine myself using them.
KathleenSandberg KathleenSandberg 5 years
We did it too (in the NYC Metro area). Not too many services out here in the suburbs, but even washing them myself was no big deal. (And I worked full-time - went back at 3 months.) We lived in an apartment, so I found a laundromat with a very understanding, grandma-like attendant, and I even washed them there. So long as you rinse the "solids", it's really no big deal. No more stinky than the usual baby laundry. That being said - Moms can definitely find LOTS of cloth diapers being given away/recycled on sites like Freecycle - and save your wallet (and the environment) even a little more.
AndreaMeadows AndreaMeadows 5 years
I was "forced" into cloth diapering because of economics - and OH MY GOSH! I'm so glad I did! Honestly, there was more stink with the disposables because they sat there in the trash until it was full - even having a Diaper champ did nothing. But I also found diapers that literally go on and off AS EASILY as a disposable, so that made a big difference for me - also the Fuzzibunz (the ones we use) have a microfiber material that keeps the baby dry, LIKE a disposable - so to be this was just adding laundry. I breastfeed, so for the first 6 months (until they start on solids) the poop was water soluable - that means I didn't even have to rinse it off with the sprayer - so again, JUST LIKE DISPOSABLES, I just took the diaper off and threw it in a pail (instead of the trash) then every other day I did a load of laundry. I switched detergents to Charlie's Soap which only requires a very small amount for ALL loads, and I got Calgon for my hard water, and honestly, not only are my clothes cleaner, but my diapers have NO smelly residue :) Doing laundry often is nothing new to me, so it didn't bother me. Then when she started on solids, I got the toilet sprayer, and again, not a huge issue. It really was so much easier than I imagined, mainly because of the diapers I chose, I believe. I also got them gently used so they weren't even that expensive! I recommend it, so glad I did.
KrystalSalkowski KrystalSalkowski 5 years
I give you cothe dipering Mommies out there a round of applause! I dont know how you do it, lol. I have three kids, 5,3,2 and with them all very close in age, I think I would have gone out of my mind using cloth. Not to mention, while it may sound lazy, I just honestly didnt want to deal with it...I wanted to change it and forget it! Plus, our second daughter had undergone two brain surgeries when my baby boy was born and adding more to my plate would have put me into the loony bin, but honestly, the fact that you women are not totally grossed out and dont mind the extra work...thumbs up for doing what you believe to be best, even if it may not be the most convenient or easiest
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