Lots of parents search family watchdog sites to see if there are any predators in their community, but residents of a New Hampshire town were made well aware of the fact that a convicted child killer was settling on their soil. Parents in Chichester were outraged when a pastor in their community opened up his home to Raymond Guay who served 35 years in prison for multiple crimes. The New York Times report said:

Mr. Guay was convicted of killing a 12-year-old boy in Hollis, N.H., in 1973, chasing him into the woods before shooting him in the eye. After escaping from a state prison in 1982, he held two residents of nearby Concord hostage in their home. He was later sent to a federal prison in California, where he got in more trouble for stabbing an inmate in 1990.

Fearing for their safety, members of the community have invested in pricey home alarms and firearms despite an increase of police patrols.