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How Your Politics Predict Your Parenting Style

How Your Politics Predict Your Parenting Style

Can your politics be seen in the way you parent?

Left vs. Right (World), an infographic from David McCandless and Stefanie Posavec's book, The Visual Miscellaneum, lays out some differences in the ways liberals and conservatives raise their families.

According to their intricate diagram, parents who are politically conservative bring a tough love approach to parenting that's based on respect and fear. They focus on building character and creating self reliant adults by teaching moral strength and self discipline. In contrast, the parent-child dynamic found in the homes of liberal parents is based on respect and trust, and the goal is to raise children who can reach their full potential. The skills and values that liberal parents impart are self-nurturing, openness, empathy, and self-examination.

Where do these different parenting styles lead? As adults, the children of conservatives gravitate towards rural lifestyles and professions such as law enforcement, finance, and business. Adult children of liberal parents prefer cities and tend to become scientists, teachers, architects, professors, and media professionals.

See the graphic at full size


Do you parent according to your politics?

Image Source: Via FastCoDesign

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KrystalDoolittle KrystalDoolittle 5 years
This is disgusting. I'm appreciate aspects of both parties (and I'm frustrated with other aspects of both parties); it's clear that the creators of this "infographic" are liberals, as the conservatives are painted in dreadful light here. I'm really disappointed in you, circleofmoms, for supporting this obviously biased trash.
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