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IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

Hahaha. You're joke about repeating what I said is funnier than this one. I think I have heard real jokes that this guy doing that is not a joke to me whatsoever. You cannot compare your father to what this guy did. He went too far. And, no in won't quit the internet because I am having fun with real jokes, like I said.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

Everything you mentioned s an advance to society. Tell me now what benefit we get from homosexuality.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

Your perception and my perception are different. In my perception he looks like he is fantasizing about being pregnant himself and using this ocasion as an excuse. Again, this is my comment according to my personal view and I won't attempt to change yours by forcing it or intimidating you or harassing you. I just said what I think.

ROBERTMRVELJ1403847844 ROBERTMRVELJ1403847844 2 years

Id say if that happened it proved it wasnt impossible if man got pregnant lets say if there were 2 angels in heaven who were in love with eachother faithful if then a time later child was born i would be happy if even angels could feel love and have children lets say if LUCIFER/satan when he was in heaven if he wanted to love someone so much even have a family with her but if rules were in the way if LUCIFER would argue with GOD about taking away freedom of love if even wanted to change laws so every angel could have freedom to love if LUCIFER would ask GOD why any angel should give up loving soemone if truly wanted to if LUCIFER would say that fear wont help and running from problems would possibly make it worse if said you cant deny it forever or you shouldnt run from your feelings and said one shouldnt force someone to abandon love even having a child together with someone as for even men getting pregnant it dosent need to be wrong or evil it is just unusual and weird for you to see men get pregnant almost lik how you would want to forbidd incest if you had son and daughter if you caught them having sex it dosent matter if parents are gay or lesbian couple as long as they care about their child raise him/her with love and care
it will all work out its not easy but its possible if everyone can ignore the words of illuminati/freemasons and federal us goverment thats all i had to say bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

TerriLynnMerritts TerriLynnMerritts 2 years

That is a hateful thing to say. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. What is nasty or unnatural about a man's stomach? Gay? This man isn't gay. He is a married heterosexual who is awaiting the birth of his first child. People are born gay so there is nothing nasty about them either.

TerriLynnMerritts TerriLynnMerritts 2 years

That is so cute. This child is coming into the home with a dad who really wants him/her and is excited.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

Very gay-like. Nasty and unnatural.

ChristineTemple ChristineTemple 2 years

I think maternity photos of people I care about are "BEAUTIFUL." This is a cute version of a father wanting to hold onto his own memories of this special time in his life. Good for him for stepping out the box and doing something fun and creative with it, they're sure to make great memories for his child to smile at one day when he or she is older.

MelissaLee81068 MelissaLee81068 2 years

I don't see the problem with maternity's a happy time, in a woman's life; and if she wants to share the experience, so what?? What this lady's hubby did was adorable!!

I do have a problem with this said, "Wearing nothing but his briefs, he flaunted his bump (which, let's be honest, was probably brought about by an extra beer or two)....." Aren't you being just a tad judgmental, there?? There are a number of reasons why men (and women) have excess belly fat...alcohol is not the only culprit! However, I think your snide remark about his being over-indulgent, period, was very inappropriate and unprofessional!!

KarinVanDalen KarinVanDalen 2 years

I honestly thought I was the only one who felt this way. Glad to see I'm not!

Oilers14990498 Oilers14990498 2 years

I think this is fabulous. It highlights the ridiculousness of maternity photos. I cringe every time they pop up in my newsfeed. I think maternity photos are just plain embarrassing... but I will say that if you truly want them done, by all means do it... but KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF. It's the over-sharing part that I really hate. It's just another self-indulgent thing people do... and let's face it - not everyone wants to see you half naked and pregnant. I feel the same way about engagement photos... they're just cheesy. Maternity photos definitely are the worst, though.

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