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He Thinks He's Getting Buffalo Chicken Dip, but His Wife Is Surprising Him With Baby News!

Alissa Henry and her husband Joe had been trying to have a baby for two years. After a countless number of heartbreaking conversations and negative pregnancy tests, Alissa "*finally* had 'POSITIVE' news to share," and she wanted to do it in a special way. In March, the TV reporter told her husband she was making her special buffalo chicken dip and would be recording the recipe for social media, and while Joe knew he'd be getting a delicious snack, he had no idea he'd be getting the surprise of a lifetime.

While we unfortunately didn't get to try her recipe, we were lucky enough to see her husband's reaction to her pregnancy news in the video posted to Facebook, and it's incredibly moving.

After telling her husband that she got him a present, he looked a little confused to be receiving a book of baby names. But it wasn't until Alissa took three positive pregnancy tests out of her pocket that he started screaming in disbelief. It's an incredibly sweet moment that any couple — struggling to get pregnant or not — can relate to.


"Any couple who has tried to conceive for an extended period of time knows the crushing disappointment of a negative test result over and over again (if you even get a chance to test before nature demolishes your hopes for the month!)," she captioned her video. "Time after time, I've had to tell Joe the bad news: sometimes through text, sometimes face-to-face, sometimes with just a look . . . This is a super personal video and it makes me cry to watch it, BUT I'm posting it because I know other couples can relate. And if you've been disappointed thus far, but you're still holding onto hope, we're hoping with you!"

Now, months after their sweet announcement, Alissa has shared an adorable photo of her son Alexander, who is 1 month old! While he was born nine weeks prematurely, he has been recovering in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where he's been growing stronger every day. Alissa and Joe plan on taking their happy baby home in just a few weeks.

(If you're anything like us and have been dreaming about buffalo chicken dip since reading this story, check out this delicious recipe!)

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