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I Didn't Know I was Pregnant

When Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant?

What a difference a day makes...or does it? Church and Dwight, Co., Inc. recently announced that their First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test can be used up to six days before a missed period. For want-to-be mamas who are anxious to find out if they are with child, it's exciting news. Some ladies track their cycles while others are a bit more lax about the childbearing process. There are even women who never realize they are expecting until baby makes its debut. How long was it until you figured it out?

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cljall08 cljall08 6 years
I don't know why, but I had gone to the doctors several times and also went to the hospital one night and had a urin test and blood test done to see if i was pregnant. Both came up positive. Not even a week later I find out I'm three months pregnant. I don't understand why neither test showed up positive. Four months later I gave birth to my daughter who is now five years old. She is my miracle. If anyone has been through this please feel free to contact me @ I would love to hear your story and if you know of why this happens.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
I knew about 6 weeks in. We were trying, so I figured I might as well take a test to rule it out before our vacation. I thought for sure it would be negative, not making the connection that telling my boss to go F himself, the little bit of spotting I'd had the week before, and my constant fatigue were all pretty accurate signs of pregnancy.
commonsense102 commonsense102 7 years
I meant didn't know until they gave birth...
commonsense102 commonsense102 7 years
I kind of don't believe it when people say they didn't know... unless they are morbidly obese... other than that I think they are full of it.
Relli80 Relli80 7 years
4 weeks! My neighbor at works enjoys a tortilla-less burrito bowl of ground meat every so often and one day she brought in and i almost lost it all over my keyboard. I took a walk right to the nearest drug store and purchased a test, took it back to work and stupidly took it there. Nothing like sitting at work contemplating the future with an hour left to kill, longest hour of my life.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
Yea me too RoaringSilence. 5 people actually voted at the birth??? I know everyone is different but I can't grasp the whole concept of not knowing at all.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
I would really like to hear from the people who didn't know they were pregnant.
kmckay kmckay 7 years
After trying for 2 1/2 years and seeing a fertility specialist, I feel like I found out within hours :) I always had bloodwork done 10-12 days after ovulation so I knew VERY early!
SusanTeufel SusanTeufel 7 years
I knew after the 4 week mark.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 7 years
15 weeks. I had no symptoms at all. I was on birth control and I wasn't having periods because I was skipping the placebos and going to the next dose. We weren't ready for kids! I had an alarm on my phone to make sure I always took the pill on time. My mom told me she thought I was pregnant, so I took an at home test. It was negative, but she didn't believe it. I tried a few more, but she begged me to get a blood test. I went in, got the test, it was positive, and I was 15 weeks along. Craziest drs appt of my life!
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I was like 8 weeks or so with my first. We had been trying for 2 years without success, so I decided to take a break and just not worry about it. I had also just changed jobs 2 months before, and i had a HUGE load of stress off me. When we moved to a new state, everyone in the house was sick so i just assumed i was sick too but everyone kept joking about it... I joked that it would be the worst possible time to be pregnant... unemployed, new area, no house yet as we had moved in with my parents so we could look around the area for a house and a job. The second time I knew when I missed my period, though they were very irregular. I just felt differently despite another 2+ years of trying again. I had my husband grab a test on the way home and it was positive.
kellys kellys 7 years
with my first child i was almost 2 weeks late before i'd bothered testing. i was having lots of no-ovulation periods, which are extra long (and "pointless" when you're trying to conceive), so i just tested to quit dwelling on it. never expected it to be positive. i thought that fatigue and stomach drama was just because i was sick and over-worked. ;) with my second child (due in june!) i "knew" almost immediately--several days before my period was actually due that tell-tale nausea and fatigue kicked in. i tested the day after i was due and "officially" late.
kia kia 7 years
I was a few days late with my period and planned on having a girls-night-out with wine so figured I should test just in case.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
7 weeks along, I think. I thought I was ill cause my period didn't come and I had some symptons of pregnancy but was absolutely sure that I was not pregnant because two home test came out negative...
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