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"I was hungry": Six-year old crashes minivan in drive to get food

"I was hungry": Six-year old crashes minivan in drive to get food

"I was hungry": Six-year old crashes minivan in drive to get food

Sunday morning in Oregon, a six-year old boy crashed his parents' minivan into a pickup truck after stealing his parents' car to drive to the store to get some snacks. "I was hungry", he told police. Luckily, the boy wasn't harmed and the woman in the pickup truck only suffered minor injuries.

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Has your child ever gotten out of your sight, and into a dangerous situation?

Image Source: Via Mail Online

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CoMMember13631097953367 CoMMember13631097953367 5 years
My son would never be able to get the keys as I keep them out of sight. This is the parent's fault.
sairahashmat sairahashmat 5 years
i think we cant blame only parents bcos at times we r judge our kids abilities whether it is negative or positive,,,,,,,,,,
ElisabethIswariMH ElisabethIswariMH 5 years
oh dear...just wondering why the parent did not keep enough snack at home especially when they have little kid...whatever mistake people think of the parent...but kids know what to do things too though...
ElizeMarcotte ElizeMarcotte 5 years
I have one question, where were his parents, my little one never leaves my sight!
AmyFergusonMonnin AmyFergusonMonnin 5 years
When my middle son was three he climbed the back yard fence and made his way to the end of the alley. He climbed it because it was lock for his safety. Children are inventive and intelligent if they want it bad enough they will find a way to get it.
CorrynChristie CorrynChristie 5 years
LOL reminds me of me! When I was little my mum pregnant with my brother and I laid down for asleep! Now she locked the doors but I somehow got it unlocked and went to the shop across the road, stole a chocolate and came home! In this time my mother woke up and frantically searched for me as we lived near a canal! It wasnt my mothers fault as she took steps to ensure I was safe so Iam sure these parents took steps as well but as he knows that a car will take you to the shops to get food he didnt think much else except his tummy!
Jillbrand Jillbrand 5 years
Parents aren't perfect. Things happen. No need to put the parents down because of this because it could have eaisly been you :]
LynziePurvis LynziePurvis 5 years
This story did not say that the parents were negligent or that there was no food in the house. It happened at 7am, the parents may not have been awake yet. Maybe the little boy woke up early, decided he wanted a Twinkie and there were only healthy snack options, so he decided to go to the store. Would that be considered neglect on the parents' part? No. Children see how easy it is for the parents to go to the store to pick up what they want, he thought he could, too. We have to remember that children are smart and fearless - they will figure out how to get what they want and do not think about the dangers involved.
MarilynRios MarilynRios 5 years
smh!!!! my son used to escape to the store all the time, thank goodness it wasn't but around the corner and the owner was my friend (he was only 12mths at the time and it was a candy shop) I had to put locks all over I felt like he was a prisoner afterwards but at least he was safe! And by the way this kid must of had some driving lesson even if it was on someones lap thats why I don't do that with mine
kristysheets kristysheets 5 years
that's crazy. maybe it wasn't as simple as him just wanting a snack...maybe he could have been neglected and his natural instincts kicked in and he tried going to get food and if he was neglected in that way...his parents neglected to teach him that its wrong to do what he did even before he did it. there may be more to that story...interesting.
TawnaMarshall TawnaMarshall 5 years
That is not very responsible of the parents now is it! They need a to keep more snacks on hand for that boys.WOW!!!
NikoleSpeck NikoleSpeck 5 years
Oh yes, Rebecca.. CLEARLY it's the parents fault. *yes that was sarcasm. A child that's 6 knows the difference between right and wrong. Not always the parents fault when a child does something crazy. My 4 year old knows, but still does things to test limits. This kid KNEW what he was doing and was probably sneaky about it. I'm surprised that no one noticed he was gone and that the police found him. I do think it's the parents fault not paying attention to where there kid was. I am constantly checking on my kiddos... you never know when they are up to mischief!
LatashaSauls65843 LatashaSauls65843 5 years
rebeccasimmers rebeccasimmers 5 years
I guess his parents never discussed the danger of leaving the house alone/not taking the keys/not driving. Sounds like a stupid thing to discuss with your kids but you have to discuss just about EVERYTHING. My kiddo knows not to leave the house without a parent's consent - clearly this kid didn't know that. Six is way too old to not know that basic rule...clearly he's not disciplined.
adelinejanusz adelinejanusz 5 years
what is going on, how can kids get key?
RobinCrosby43820 RobinCrosby43820 5 years
OMG! my daughter is 16 months and I put my keys way up high and the phone is kept out of her reach. I have learned through my friends and their children just how easy it is for kids to slip out of sight and into trouble. I try to keep everything possible out of my daughters sight so she isn't tempted. I hope I never have to worry about this.
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