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Kiddie Soiree: Making Onesies

Always on the hunt for baby shower ideas, I came across one that is sure to be a hit at any babe–to–be soirée.

After the food is eaten and the gifts have been unveiled, bust out your creative hat and show guests how to decorate onesies for the lil one. The quick activity is fun for the participants and the results are priceless. To learn more about this baby shower craft,


You will need the following:

  • One plain white (or colored) onesie for each party guest.
  • Wax paper or foil cut up into onesie sized pieces.
  • Pourable fabric paints.
  • Bottled fabric paints and fabric pens for detailing.
  • Plates for the paints (disposable are great because it's an easy clean up.)
  • Sponges or stamps in the shapes of baby things (i.e. ducks, balloons, dogs, bears, hearts, etc.)
  • Newspapers or tablecloths to help keep things clean.

Now, let's get this party started:

  1. Cover a table or floor with newspapers.
  2. Place the onesie on the even surface and put a piece of wax paper or foil in the onesie to keep the paint from soaking the backside.
  3. Take a plate and pour your chosen paint colors on the "palette."
  4. Then using a stamp or sponge of your choice, dip the design into the paint and transfer the image to the onesie. Make sure to put enough pressure on the stamp or sponge.
  5. Then, if you so desire, use the nozzled paints or pens to add accents to the creation.

Your guest of honor will be delighted to have a stash of adorable onesies created for her baby by friends and family members.

* Apply this craft to bloomers, diaper clothes, and t–shirts.

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