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Watching These Identical Twins Separated at Birth Reunite Is Going to Destroy You

When Jennifer Doering adopted her daughter Audrey from China, she had no idea that the little girl was actually an identical twin. After researching her daughter's past, she found a photo of Audrey sitting on her foster mother's lap — next to another baby who looked exactly like her. Right then and there Doering knew that she had to find out what happened to the other child.

Nicole Rainsberry, adoptive mother of Gracie, was connected with Doering through social media, who shared the shocking news. The girls took a DNA test, which affirmed Doering's suspicions that they were twins, but Gracie and Audrey had chatted over video before they met and discovered tons of similarities beyond their DNA. "We both love chicken alfredo. That's like one of our favorite foods," Gracie told People. "And we both love mac 'n' cheese." Additionally, both girls have heart conditions and received surgeries after arriving in the US.

Finally the girls were set to meet on Good Morning America, and to say it was emotional is an understatement. After a wall lifted in front of Audrey, Gracie and her family appeared and the girls immediately broke down and embraced. Both twins agreed that though they felt overwhelmed, they were both happy, but Audrey definitely put it best: "It felt like there was something missing, so now it's complete."

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