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Ikea Storage Bins Hack

This Mom's Simple Hack Transformed Ikea's $5 Storage Bins in the Cutest Way

Squirrelly Minds blogger Tan uses plain Ikea storage bins in her playroom like many of us, but she made them look so much better with one simple DIY. Tan recently shared a photo of her Ikea bins with colorful tassels on Instagram, writing, "They have so much more personality and flair than plain white boxes don't you think?" Yep, and we're obsessed.

This doable project starts with white Ikea Dröna Boxes ($5 each), which are perfect for storing anything from socks to toys and towels, and their cubic shape fits in many shelving units. This creative blogger created blue, yellow, pink, and purple tassels out of yarn and attached them to each box for an instant pop of color and personality that lights up the room.

Tan assures her readers that the difficulty level is easy, and each box only takes about 10 minutes to complete (you can catch up on This Is Us and make the tassels in between sobs!). With a little bit of patience and a steady hand, you make the tassels out of yarn in the colors of your choice, then thread them through the top of the box with a needle. All in all, you'll need the soft-fabric bins, a ruler, a pencil, yarn, a large-eye needle, and scissors. If you're looking for an affordable way to make your kid's room or playroom a little more fun, this could be your next weekend project. For more photos and a full step-by-step rundown, read Squirrelly Minds's Ikea Dröna Boxes With Tassels post.

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