While many parents pine for a child of a particular sex, with emerald eyes or mathematical abilities, others prefer offspring like themselves — those that are not the conventional idea of perfection.

According to a BBC article, a hearing impaired British couple are parents to one deaf child and would like another. Due to the mother's age, they will have to rely on in-vitro fertilization and would prefer a deaf embryo.

The story said:

The couple have become icons in a deaf movement which sees this impairment not as a disability but as the key to a rich culture which has its own language, history and traditions: a world deaf parents would naturally want to share with any offspring.

Moreover, they argue that to prefer a hearing embryo over a deaf one is tantamount to discrimination.

Only if passed,The Human Embryology and Fertilisation Bill would prevent the family from having that choice. To read what the law says,


It said:

If they produced only deaf embryos, they would be allowed to implant one of these. However it would be highly unlikely that there would not be one without one of the deaf genes.

If they chose to have their embryos screened, they would be obliged to to pick the embryo without the abnormality over the others. The screening would not however be obligatory, and they could take their chances in the hope that a deaf one is chosen.

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