Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite! If only getting lil ones down to dreamland was that easy! Children have a way of pushing their bedtime to the limits by thirsting for another drink, saying they need the bathroom and sweetly asking us to read "just one more book."

New research shows that providing tots with strict bedtimes can improve the quality and quantity of the shut-eye they receive and their overall health. According to the study, families with lower levels of income and education were less likely to enforce a strict end of the day (this was attributed to stress levels and fewer routines), and their children's health and sleep patterns suffered. The authors of the study also emphasized the importance of a nightly bedtime routine to help the tots fall asleep faster. Most parents dream their children would nod off to sleep without putting up a fight, but that rarely happens. How do you enforce bedtime in your home?

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