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Walmart Pulls Disturbing Halloween Costume From Shelves

Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary, cute, and sometimes funny. But a "Naughty Leopard" toddler costume that made its way onto Walmart's shelves is downright disturbing. While the costume itself isn't much different from other toddler-girl costumes, the product-marketing suggestion that it's necessary to use sex to sell has outraged consumers and forced the retailer to pull the product from its shelves. To read more of what Walmart has to say about the marketing strategy, read the whole story on Huffington Post.

Jessy14983598 Jessy14983598 3 years
Ok i do not understand what is wrong with that costume. It is totally adorable. Am i being a bad mom now because i tell my kid that she is naughty when she does things she is not supposed to do? This is ridiculos and in no way should that be taken sexual by anyone. Kids are naughty sometimes, so are little leopards i bet. Get ur mind out of the gutter because if u even think about a childs costume in any way sexual than maybe there is something wrong with you.
Lisa-Marie14947110 Lisa-Marie14947110 4 years
There is nothing wrong with it, its the name thats weird... looks like a cat in a dress lol...Maybe just change the name
CoMMember13615792057563 CoMMember13615792057563 4 years
I was going to say, who has their mind in the gutter over an adorable, and more than likely naughty kid. (let's face it, kids are bad, aka, naughty) people need their heads read. I think it's a cute costume, and that there are so e sick twisted people out there going a little far. I thought there was something outrageously wrong. Watching too much adult television, so when Santa is checking his Naughty list, are we gonna get all huffy about that as well.
AngieEdwards60019 AngieEdwards60019 4 years
When I scrolled down and saw the "Naughty Leopard" title I expected it to be outrageous... After seeing it im just confused. Its cute love purple and black combination and if I celebrated Halloween my babe would totally wear that!
ClarriceHenry ClarriceHenry 4 years
We forget at Christmas they say, "who's been naughty or nice...." and there's no sexual intent with that statement. So what happen here....?
Dee81648 Dee81648 4 years
??? Nothing wrong with this. People are getting more and more strange by the day.
KarenYeo KarenYeo 4 years
What's so disturbing about it? It's cute! When I see the word 'naughty' on the package above, I immediately think of 'naughty' like a leopard cub is naughty - scampering all over the place, batting at something... Kids aren't naughty? It's part of who they are!! Those who think this costume is selling sex need to 'de-sex' their minds.
YvonneHughes YvonneHughes 4 years
SERIOULY!! wtf is wrong with people these days!! its a costume that at least it covers the child up unlike at lot of adult costumes, to many people taking it litral and needs to relax.. ive seen way worse than this FOR KIDS! its cute and nothing wrong with it, so those that think its an outrage get a life ffs!!
ChristineTemple ChristineTemple 4 years
I think it's a cute costume. Naughty doesn't necessarily mean sex to me, especially with a toddler costume. I was looking for something maybe sexual about the costume itself, but there isn't anything; it's just a cute little girl's costume. Too bad, I think a lot of little girls would have enjoyed wearing it for Holloween, including my little princess.
Crystal14923639 Crystal14923639 4 years
Oh, come on. These modern day mothers are taking things too seriously. Everything is sexual with ya'll. Maybe ya'll are the ones with the problem. Maybe ya'll should seek help because your "naughty thoughts" are becoming apparent in your over-reaction. It's just a costume. I would have told them to pull it because it's not very cute; Not because it says naughty. naugh·ty (nôt) adj. naugh·ti·er, naugh·ti·est 1. Behaving disobediently or mischievously: a naughty child.
KarineBeasley KarineBeasley 4 years
Seriously....get a grip..there is not a thing wrong with this costume...some people are not satisfied unless they are stirring up a bunch of pointless crap!!
April14377653 April14377653 4 years
Omg, the interpretation is in the eye of the beholder! And who's to say the folks in China - where this was probably manufactured- weren't the ones to get the English translation wrong?? Any mum of a little girl knows they CAN be naughty, anyway! Don't getcha knickers in a knot, ladies! Smile and don't buy it, if it offends you!
Nadia14922070 Nadia14922070 4 years
there is nothing wrong with this costume and it is kind of cute. I don't have girls I only have grown up boys, but if I had a daughter I wouldn't have had any problems dressing her up as a naughty leo. Probably one of those religious groups with a covered face complainted
ToniPacheco1375454616 ToniPacheco1375454616 4 years
Seriously people??? I think they need to compile a list of all who were responsible for this adorable costume being pulled from the shelves and investigate THEM. Not EVERYONE has their minds in the gutter. I never would have thought anything other than, how adorable is that kid, if I didn't read the article. Sick world we live in.
JaneFisher77217 JaneFisher77217 4 years
As a mother and now a grandmother, I see nothing wrong with this costume. The word "naughty" is being taken out of context. The costume is cute and covers the child completely. I have far worse costumes at dance recitals. Why do people automatically assume that naughty has to be sexual? Some people just need to get their minds out of the gutter.
CristinaMedina92410 CristinaMedina92410 4 years
I think the problem was that we are use to seeing adult costumes labeled as "naughty" as an innuendo for something sexual, which is incorrect. I believe it was use appropriately in this case, meaning a mischievous or disobedient kitty, there is nothing wrong with the title or the costume itself. Some people are just ridiculous.
LizDuffy72906 LizDuffy72906 4 years
Oh get over yourself, if that's seductive am a nun. The girl is covered and your complaining over the word 'Naughty' which is dumb. Mums please relax not every company in the world is run by peodophiles.
Kandice14921208 Kandice14921208 4 years
Its cute. Its just the same as the Bad Kitty costume I saw in Walmart last yr.
KateOConri KateOConri 4 years
I'm seeing a sweet witch's outfit with cat ears. Am I missing something? What is so disturbing? Aren't toddlers naughty by nature? Why does naughty need to mean sexy? I'm so confused.
AmandaLawrence21931 AmandaLawrence21931 4 years
Some parent out there was just a bit of a nut job n made a big stink over it. Ppl must be so bored nowadays. Like who cares? If it had said mischevious (hope I spelt that right) kitty wld it be all the fuss? Same concept. The word kitty cld be misconstrued as "sexual". What's next they can only use the terms kitten or cat or feline to prevent some nut bag from being offended. The whole thinf is amusing if u ask me and all those opposers did is make this the most popular costume this yr. Search engines are probably blowing up w ppl trying to figure out how they can get one. Lol
dkride dkride 4 years
People! The child Is not wearing the bag the costume comes in! So how would anyone know the scandalous word naughty is even associated with the costume? If you are that paranoid I feel very sorry for your child.
kyrialamb kyrialamb 4 years
There is nothing worng with the costume its cute now if u could just change the name that would be great
DonnaMarieHolt DonnaMarieHolt 4 years
Why does everyone automatically associate naughty with sex. I think it is our twisted adult minds warping that. I don't know about you but my cats can be very cheeky, cute, or outright naughty. Same as kids. Naughty did not originally have anything to do with sex so we shouldn't assume that is what they mean here just because we have inferred this meaning. It says naughty, not sexy and the costume is adorable.
CoMMember13625505791324 CoMMember13625505791324 4 years
Yeah the costume looks cute and adorable, but I can see how the title just doesn't hit the ears right. Whether we know what the title means or not, there are disgusting, sick people out there who would see it the wrong way, intentional or not, and would just have in a sense more reason to initiate sexual moves on the child. Idk that's just my opinion.
AmandaMalik AmandaMalik 4 years
If this were the toddler Miley Cyrus costume and it was what she wore at the VMA's I understand, but it's not so there's no point in removing it from shelves.
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