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When Are You Going to Have a Baby?

Chances are someone you know has dealt with infertility. It may have been you. A sensitive subject, it can be a private and heart wrenching issue for couples.

Pop culture announces a new pregnancy nearly every day and according to the LA Times, the current birth rate in America is higher than it's been in 45 years. So it seems quite natural for people to ask, "When are you going to have a baby?"

But, the reality is that the woman fielding the question might be desperately trying to get pregnant. To read a personal experience,


And it's not fair that these women have to face the harmless probe.

While I was pregnant, one of my closest friends dealt with infertility so when people would joke that she was next, the words were daggers. It broke my heart to watch her have to laugh along.

With a little luck and some IVF, she has since been blessed with an angelic baby boy. However, the experience definitely taught me a lesson to be careful what you say to women about babes.


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