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Infographic: 2011 Baby Name Extravaganza!

Infographic: 2011 Baby Name Extravaganza!

Alexis or Brooke? Aiden or Rafe? We looked at over 3 million votes by Circle of Moms members to pull together this infographic, which reveals not only the most-liked baby names of 2011 to date, but also some fun sources of inspiration, including the worlds of color, animals, and media personalities, both fictional and real.

To vote for your favorite baby names, check out our 2011 Best Baby Names Contest.

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KellyMills35490 KellyMills35490 5 years
I am SO going to name my next child Crimson Xena Kitty.
SarahBernier SarahBernier 5 years
Some interesting names! I named my children because I loved the sound of the names! My son is Jordon Daniel Robert, my daughters are Cayley Dorothea Louise, Sophie Noella Rose (our angel) & now expecting another little girl in the next 5 weeks & she will be Lily Noella Grace.
JeannieArnold JeannieArnold 5 years
Well my sister is 38 and her name is Sundae Lea. I named my son Sawyer Jon.
MelindaKiciOBrian MelindaKiciOBrian 5 years
ErikaJudd ErikaJudd 5 years
Personally, I love having my name spelled differently than all of the Ericas out there. Yes, it is obnoxious that people spell Erika incorrectly and most people pronounce Elianah like it's Elaina instead of Eliana.
BeverleyWalker18260 BeverleyWalker18260 5 years
This is what makes the world go around. A name is a name, what ever name it is.
DebbyHunts DebbyHunts 5 years
Made up names are just plain ridiculous...and you're not fooling anyone- they sound made up. Poor kids!
sallyrowe sallyrowe 5 years
what a load of junk.
AngiPabon AngiPabon 5 years
I named my daughter Eliana after a character in a book I was reading while pregnant with her. I had never heard the name before then. The last 6yrs tho I've seen the name dozens of times. BTW Eliana means God has answered, that was the clincher when I made the decision.
elizsimpson elizsimpson 5 years
My daughter is Daya (Day-a) Michelle. Traditionally children in her father's family have names beginning with "D," but after 25+ grandchildren are born, the "D" names run out. We made it up :)
TheresaLively TheresaLively 5 years
I named my daughter Taylor Brianne Elizabeth and my son Maddox Alexander Rhys...we r overachievers but we both pick a name we like then each got to choose a middle name.
valeriejohnson854 valeriejohnson854 5 years
I wish that I would have been more creative when I named my daughters...... but I still love the names that I picked. Kimberly Marie and Kelly Ann.
vinithasudhir vinithasudhir 5 years
i named my daughter Aaria
CristinaCaron CristinaCaron 5 years
My daughter is named Eliana Raquel
tammywilliams581 tammywilliams581 5 years
personally i enjoy unique names, i named my Ma'Kenna Rylynn and my son Quintyn Xavier. i so wud use several of the names above if i have more kids. y shud all kids b named after there parent and b a jr? give kids there own names and own idenity 4 petes sake.
KimberlyPeterson32626 KimberlyPeterson32626 5 years
as long as there is a story or meaning behind the name that fits the family....anything goes..
TaraCook59377 TaraCook59377 5 years
In 4th grade in had a classmate whose name was Summer Mae June. That was back before meet the teacher and teachers got on to her the first day of school or class for fooling around. She even got sent to principals office for introducing herself as Summer Mae June and it was her legal birth name! People name their children some of the craziest names.
JamieKrough JamieKrough 5 years
Lol. I think I'd like to name my child Esmeralda or Laverne
CarolMcDaniel CarolMcDaniel 5 years
SandeeThomas SandeeThomas 5 years
KateCross KateCross 5 years
Are these actually supposed to be suggestions? Lol... I totally would love to name my kid Orange, Abu, or Kodiak... hahaha.... maybe even White March Lion... names are getting so ridiculous!
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