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Tina Dress ($265)Liz Lange creates designer duds and affordable frocks for the masses. Whether you are pinching pennies or doling out dollars, any expectant mama can afford a piece of the fashion mogul's signature clothing. While chatting about the relaunch of her high end line, Liz dished on wardrobe staples as well as items worth a splurge!

lilsugar: What one item should a woman splurge on during her pregnancy?

Liz Lange: I love a great little dress, like a fun dress. I find to me that is like practically wearing a nightgown it is so comfortable, and yet you look so pulled together and so great and so sexy and so chic. There’s a dress on our line called the Tina dress in a palm-leaf coral print and I just think it is so universally flattering, so cute and so happy. I think there are really two ways to spend this Spring. Either you are going to spend on something so practical that it is just an investment piece that you are just going to turn to again and again and it is so versatile that you know you can just wear it to death. Or I think also it is something that is irresistible and that is going to make you feel so happy and so cute every time you put it on, even if it's not one of those things that you can wear every day of the week and I would put the Tina dress in that [category].

The Cathy Off-the-Shoulder Top you could wear with your white jeans or your dark jeans, you could wear it over your bathing suit this Summer. Depending on how tall you are, you could probably wear it as a little mini dress with a pair or slides or flip flops. I’m having that piece made for me. I love it. I just think you want there to be some pieces that are just special to you and make you happy. Don’t just treat your pregnancy wardrobe strictly like a commodity-driven thing. Have a little fun with it – even in this horrible economy. This is still such an exciting time for you and you should indulge yourself a little bit.

I do believe in mixing and matching and that is why I do the line with Target – because I am a huge believer. The other way to make your maternity wardrobe look super expensive is if you haven’t outgrown any of your accessories. I love costume, I collect costume jewelry, the chunkier the better. Load it up with bling – and it doesn’t have to be real. Just add some fun, and that’s stuff you already own. The same goes for your shoes, and scarves and your cardigans that maybe you can’t button any more that are fun pop colors and you can throw on unbuttoned and tie around your neck just to change things up.

lilsugar: Your line at Target revolutionized maternity-wear beyond the mumu and empire tops. Do you plan to make any changes to that line now?

Liz Lange: That line we’ve always tried to keep connected to our high-end line. I just love that line for Target. Beyond its price point, that I find to be genius, that line is a little bit more casual. We’ve always done a lot of denim on that line. [It] has been in place for six year and it works as it is. The only change is that as seasons change and inspirations change, I’m only one person so I’m always kind of inspired by similar things for both lines.

Check out Liz Lange's tips for maintaining work-life balance, and the joys of motherhood in tomorrow's post. You can see the entire interview by clicking here.

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theprettypixie theprettypixie 8 years
Thank you so much lilsugar for the series of Liz Lange interviews. Liz is such an approachable businesswomen who also lets us know it's ok not to sacrifice your style once you reach motherhood. I think it is interesting how she is launching her high-end line when times are so tough and disposable income is scare. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you and let you know you inspired me to post the interview on my new blog, dedicated to making "pregnancy pretty." Check it out:
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