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Interview With Liz Lange: Create the Perfect Maternity Wardrobe

Building a new wardrobe that will only be worn for a few months is a daunting task. No one wants to spend a fortune on clothes that fit their pregnant figure, plus, given the state of the economy and the cost of newborn baby supplies, most household budgets don't allow for indulgent maternity shopping sprees.

Legendary maternity designer Liz Lange has dressed Hollywood stars like Bridget Moynahan, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, and Kelly Ripa, on big budgets — but the pregnancy mogul also knows a thing or two about how regular women dress. She shared her thoughts about essential maternity purchases and her favorite pieces from her new collection.

lilsugar: Given the state of the economy, what key pieces should a woman invest in to get through her pregnancy?

Liz Lange: I think that there a few ways to look at that. First of all, eight key pieces are so lifestyle dependent, so it is always hard for me to say specifically for any woman what her key pieces should be. Maybe you work and then your key pieces are so different than a mom who spends her day at the playground chasing her 2-year old and she is also pregnant. So I think first of all, one has to look at themselves and look at their lifestyle and figure out what are those things that I go back to time and time again when I’m not pregnant. Those are the things that I need to invest in when I am pregnant because again, my body is changing but most likely my personal preferences and the way I like to dress and my needs are not really changing.

I think that today, jeans have become, not a trend, but a wardrobe staple. I would probably invest in a pair of those and if I could only invest in one, it would probably be a darker wash because I think they are more versatile. I believe in the little black dress, or perhaps it is not so little in this case! You can throw a cardigan or jacket over it and wear it to work. Pile on some chunky necklace and a little pair of kitten heels and wear it out at night. I believe in the pencil skirt, maybe depending on the season, a great t-shirt that’s fitted that you can wear as an underpinning under a suit jacket or sweater or cardigan, that you can also wear on its own with a pair of jeans on the weekend. I think most women want to have a great pair of black pants. I lived in those pants for like a year after my child was born.

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In this economy every piece you buy needs to really work for you. So you gotta be able to imagine how you can change it up with different accessories or pairing it with different things and wearing it over and over and over again. I think it's also about mixing and matching some things that aren’t as expensive with a few things that are more expensive. And I think the more expensive pieces would be the ones you know you are going to live in. Anyone who’s been pregnant can attest to the fact that the few things you buy when you are pregnant you just live in. I’m not just saying this as a plug for my own [line], I’m saying it for anyone — you want to buy stretchy pieces that are not too oversized also because you are going to wear them on your way back down and that’s how you’re going to get more bang for your back. Just remember when you're shopping don’t look at it as just the nine months, it's longer than that unfortunately. There’s definitely a whole fourth trimester and that is a completely open-ended trimester. For some lucky women, like Hollywood moms, that seems to be like two weeks long, but for us mere mortals that can be up to a year.

Check back tomorrow to see how Liz juggles work and motherhood! And, if you missed the first portion of our interview, it's available here


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mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
Since I worked while pregnant, my maternity wardrobe staples were: 2 pairs of work pants, a few sweaters and dresses, and tank tops and then for weekend, a sweatshirt, sweatpants and jeans. There is so much of your regular wardrobe that you can wear while pregnant: button up sweaters can be worn open, sweatpants can be warn below the belly, overzise t-shirts are great, etc. I think having maternity tanks is important because the regular ones will get too short! You can wear tanks under any regular clothes to make them maternity.
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