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Interview With Liz Lange: Balancing Career and Kids

Maternity maven Liz Lange is just another mama juggling the demands of work and family on a daily basis. Mom to Gus, 10, and Alice, 8, (pictured with some friends), the wonder woman shared a few of her parenting secrets and how technology keeps her in the loop.

lilsugar: As a working mom, how do you balance the demands of career, family and friends?

Liz Lange: Whenever I’m asked about balance, I always want to burst into laughter because it never ever feels like balancing, it always feels like juggling. When I say juggling I’m always imagining too many balls in the air and one's always dropping. I am lucky because of the business I built. I have good help at the office and good help at home and I couldn’t do it without that. The way I do it is through a lot, a lot of careful planning. I’ve discovered that I literally only have two minutes to myself in the morning by the time I’m finished getting my children dressed, fed, dog possibly walked, etc. All of this has to happen in a short compressed space of time.

When I go to bed at night, I just spend three minutes glancing at my calendar for the next day and thinking in my mind about what I’m going to wear. And I try to keep my own wardrobe as edited as I think a woman’s maternity wardrobe [should be]. I try to practice what I preach that way. Even though I adore clothes, I’ve tried to keep it to just my favorite things and they work together in lots of different ways so I try to keep that pretty organized. I don’t have the luxury anymore, as a working mom, [to] have those mornings where by the end you have a pile of clothes on the floor. As a working mom, I have no room for that. I do the same thing with my make-up.

I try really hard to not always feel like I’m at the wrong place at the wrong time. Like I’m at the office, but I should be at home with the kids. Or that I’m home, but I have so much I need to get done at the office. I try to be present in both places and realize that I’m doing the best I can. Because I realize that I can’t do pick-up at school every single day, I try to do drop-off every morning on my way to my office. So that works for us.

To see what tech tool Liz uses to manage her day-to-day chaos and her views on parenting,


lilsugar: Any favorite organizing tools or gadgets?

Liz Lange: I’m addicted to my BlackBerry and my iTouch for all my music and I can also get some of my emails there. I have the BlackBerry Bold and I absolutely live for it. Every contact is in it, my calendar is in it, every email is in it and I don’t know what I would do without it. I sleep with my BlackBerry by my bed. And I literally, when I can’t sleep at night, email myself notes. I email things to people in my office even though it is three in the morning.

Check out Liz Lange's best mothering tip in tomorrow's post. You can see the entire interview by clicking here.


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