Liz Lange's a reader, a baker and a maternity-line maker! If you ever wondered how the busy businesswoman stole time with her kids or how she occupies her precious mom-me time, you're in luck! While chatting with the renowned designer about her latest line, she also dished on a few of her favorite things.

lilsugar: What is your favorite thing to do in your own time?

Liz Lange: Love to read – I’m always reading a book. From the classics to the lowest junk. I just died over American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. I can’t get that book out of my head. I’m almost in mourning over that book, so I can’t even start another book yet. I love to watch TV. I find that to be so relaxing at the end of the day at night after the kids have gone to bed. I watch everything, nothing is low enough for me – Ugly Betty, The Bachelor, Top Chef, American Idol. Some of the stuff we watch as a family – like American Idol, I watch with my children. Love, love, love all that stuff. One little luxury I try to do at home as often as I can is try to lock my door and try to take a bath. I feel like that really calms me. My kids won’t always let me do it, but when I can, I do it.

lilsugar: What is your favorite activity to do with your kids?

Liz Lange: On the weekends I like to cook and bake with the kids. I like food a lot and I love taking them to fun new restaurants that are appropriate.

lilsugar: What is your favorite parenting trick?

Liz Lange: One thing that I used to notice is that whenever my kids would see something either on TV or in a store that they wanted – they would start saying "Oh I want it, I want it, I want it." Instead of sort of saying "No" all the time, or negotiating with them, or sometimes, unfortunately, giving in, I just said, and I don’t know why but it ended up working so beautifully that I use it all the time now, I just said, "Oh, I’ll add it to the list." And I sort of have this list going now of things that they want, and they are totally comfortable with that, as long as it is on the list. There’s a feeling that eventually, whether it’s a birthday or it’ll be Hanukkah, or it will be something and it will be a reason for me to look at that list and get them some of the things that they wanted. I feel like that has avoided so many little meltdowns.

lilsugar: You know you're a mother when ____.

Liz Lange: You’re saying things that you never thought you would say – "Because I said so." "Because I’m the mother." You can’t even believe these words are coming out of your mouth.

lilsugar: Why didn’t anyone tell me ____?

Liz Lange: That the day you give birth, it feels like someone turns over one of those sand hourglasses and you feel like the time just starts to whip by. Like why was my childhood so long and theirs are so short. I feel like I was a kid forever and I feel like the years are whipping by.

lilsugar: Best trick your parents taught you?

Liz Lange: Sometimes I really admire, now looking back on it, how strict they were. My parents were strict and I feel like if I could be a little more strict with my children things would be a little easier, but that’s just not me.

lilsugar: Helicopter or free-range mom?

Liz Lange: Free range. At least I try to be!

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