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Soleil Moon Frye Explains Happy Chaos and Reveals Her Girls' Love of Punky Brewster

Enter Soleil Moon Frey's home and you'd expect to see expertly hung photos and impeccably placed furniture. But according to the actress and mom of two – Poet, 5, Jagger, 3, – that's the furthest thing from reality. The self-proclaimed "messy mom" opened up to me about how her home life inspired the title of her new book and what her girls thing of her time spent as Punky Brewster.

LilSugar: Your upcoming book is called Happy Chaos. Can you define Happy Chaos and what it means to you?
Soleil Moon Frey: It’s the happiness in the chaos. If you go into our home, there are multiple walls that have Sharpie drawings all over them. If you flip our cushions upside down, you’ll find nail polish. If you look at a wall, you’ll find black paint. As the kids are throwing the pancakes up in the air, and they’re throwing the syrup, as they’re tracking paint in the house, it’s all of that chaos and yet they’re the happiest moments of our lives.

LS: Fill in the blanks. You know you're a mother when?
SMF: You walk out of the house with your sweater on inside out and spit-up in your hair.


LS: The best trick my mama taught me is _____?
SMF: To believe in myself. And I could do anything I could set my mind to.

LS: If I could only carry one photo of my children with me, it would be ____?
SMF: That would nearly be impossible! It would be a collage. On my phone I have a collage I made for the girls because I literally couldn’t just pick one. And that is my wallpaper.

LS: I wish someone would have told ____ about motherhood.
SMF: That I would never be perfect.

LS: Have Poet and Jagger seen Punky Brewster? What do they think of it?
SMF: They have caught a few moments here and there; they’ve caught some YouTube. They love it! They really think it’s hysterical. They sit and laugh at me. The other day I had my hair in a ponytail and Poet turned to me and said, "Mom – you look like Punky!"

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