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When Did You Introduce a Bottle to Baby?

Don't give the baby a bottle, it will cause nipple confusion! Prior to having a baby, the concept of "nipple confusion" is one that most mamas think is reserved for regulars at Hooters. But once a lil one arrives, friends and family will have plenty of advice about the best time to introduce bottles and pacifiers to a breastfed baby.

Most lactation consultants suggest waiting until a baby is a month old before offering her a bottle, giving both mom and her wee one enough time to become comfortable nursing. Some moms follow this advice, while others throw caution to the wind. One friend who recently gave birth told me that she offered both human and man-made nipples from the day her tot was born and never had an issue. Another waited for three months, at which point her son outright refused the bottle if his mother were in the room.

When did you introduce your baby to the bottle?

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GMarie GMarie 7 years
Every situation is different. My son loved to nurse and did so for 22 months, never taking a bottle or needing formula. I determined whether he was getting enough by how much he grew (which was a lot!) That was great for us, but every baby shows up with their own preferred way of doing things. :) One of the best pieces of wisdom I ever received was that babies don't read all the advice and parenting books - they go by what they need. That's different for each child, each mother, and each combo, and that's good!
oliveoyle625 oliveoyle625 7 years
I am having the hardest time ever with bottle training. We have gone through all the brands that are highly recommended from Tommee Tippee, Avent, Dr. Brown's to Breastflow and she will NOT have it. My baby is almost four months by the way. She had jaundice and had to take the bottle in the form of formula and mostly pumped breastmilk initially. I was worried she wouldn't nurse, but now she will ONLY nurse and that's about it. It's really tough on me and my ability to go to class or much else without having to worry that the baby is going to starve and/or cry and cry.
MonkiChriz MonkiChriz 7 years
At day 5, my baby was admitted into intensive care and the doctors required that I pump and bottle feed him so they can measure out exactly how much he was drinking. Long story short, I was nursing then supplementing with the bottle because the bottle was easier for him. But once he was declared healthy at about 2 months, I took him off the bottle and he learned to nurse exclusively after about a week or so. (I could not stand nursing and pumping and washing and leaking...) I don't believe in confusion. I just believe babies are smart and want what's easier or more comforting.
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
And what about those children that love the nipple so much, they refuse to take a bottle? I know kids in every situation. While nipple confusion can exist, it isn't that way for every child. I think there are too many generalizations made about children and feeding. Some like the boob, some like the bottle, some like both, some like their milk warm, etc. I believe all sorts of confusions exist. We actually started our son on bottles right away because I knew I wanted to do both, and it's good I did since I didn't produce enough milk and switched to bottles right away. I pumped whatever milk I could, but I gave it to him in a bottle.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
bfortmom, I'm glad you and your kid had such an easy time, but that doesn't mean 'nipple confusion' doesn't exist! I started pumpin twice a week when she was about 2 months old so I could go class. She took the bottle right away. She prefers the real deal though. She won't really fall asleep unless I nurse her. I guess she just need the intimacy to feel safe enough to really let go from the day. Since the milk flows really easily from the bottle I believe baby's that aren't on the stronger side might prefer it. Getting milk from the breast is hard work for babies! I think if I had given her the bottle the first few days she wouldn't have made the effort to nurse!
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