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Italian Parents Evict Adult Son from Home

Italian Parents Evict Adult Son from Home

In contrast to parents who dread the day when their child leaves home, one Italian couple is considering legal action to finally make their home an empty nest.

As the BBC reports, the Venetian couple has sought legal help from the lawyers at the consumer association Adico to evict their 41-year-old son.

"He demands that his clothes be washed and ironed and his meals prepared,” the father was quoted as saying. “He really has no intention of leaving." 


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AlanaHeaton26 AlanaHeaton26 6 years
how can he demand it? you would just say no, thy have made a rod for their owqn back. i would just throw his stuff outside n change the locks while hes at work!
KellymillerErnenputsch KellymillerErnenputsch 6 years
I would love my adult men to live with me forever but how selfish would that be.Life is to explore,learn from your mistakes as well as your accomplishments.I adore cooking,cleaning and taking care of them when they do come home.Mine all left home went off to excellent universities graduated with 2 or more degrees in 4 yrs and never lived off my credit cards.Point is as long as they have been out there in this big bad world,learned how to live amongst all walks of life I am thrilled to have them come home let me be MoM and when it's time move on experience new adventures and eventually bring home the right girl,set a marriage date and give me those grand babies I want before I can't crawl around,chase em and show em the great yet simple things in life.The minute I am expected or taken for granted.....well this nice little old lady (only 47 now) turns into a grandma from # *$& !
ChristieBurrows95207 ChristieBurrows95207 6 years
ooh i wouldnt wish him on any woman, she'd just be his slave! i would have kicked him out in his 20's! no way should a 41 year old be living with his parents and i certainly wouldnt be doing his wash, (unless ofcourse he has some disability or downes etc) i dont even do my husbands unless its in the basket, and as for cooking his dinner considering my mum (whos only 45 and moved out well over 20 years ago) gets my 20 year old sister to cook dinner every other day i reckon id be telling him to go to hell! i believe in tough love though, maybe im just a bitch
kristenmendarte kristenmendarte 6 years
um my question is why the hell is he that old and still living with his parents? ya think he would want to try to make his own family one day and I am sure that there isnt one female on the face of this planet that would go for a guy that still living with his parents......can he even support himself?
AlexandraBennett AlexandraBennett 6 years
Seriously? Children have NO RIGHT to demand ANYTHING from their parents, especially at that age! All they have to do is say: NO, Grow up and do it yourself! It sounds like they made life so easy and comfortable for him, he never had a reason to want to go. When I was 18, my parents made it pretty damn clear they didn't want me there any longer than absolutely necessary. No laundry services, or home cooked meals...I was expected to do for myself, and HELP THEM PAY THEIR BILLS. They don't need to take legal action, they just have to wait until he leaves the house, put his personal items outside (the things he has actually paid for with money HE has earned, and his clothes) and have all the locks changed. Problem solved!
TorieSutton TorieSutton 6 years
Heck yeah! pack his stuff and tell him to grow up and find a wife...and MOVE OUT!
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