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Must Haves For November

Nov 1 2010 - 1:00pm

Parents can leave their bag of kid tricks at home! We're setting the children's table with items that cater to youngsters this season. Mom and dad won't have to gobble down holiday dinner since I've rounded up some inventive finds — from napkins kids can wear to place mats tots can color! Check out a few of Lil's favorite things [1]!

Dress For Dinner Napkins

If you're planning an elegant affair, keep youngsters clean and comfortable by asking them to tie their napkins on! Dress For Dinner Napkins [2] ($6) let kids slip on something more fancy at the table!

Drumstick Chopsticks

Pounding a fork on the table may be inappropriate, but can kids can make music with these drumstick chopsticks [3] ($12).

Napkin Origami

Put your napkin on your lap...and fold it 25 different ways! The art of transforming a simple piece of cloth into everything from a baby booty to a butterfly is explored in Napkin Origami [4] ($10) a book that will hold any school aged child's attention at the table.

Food Face

Mac and cheese hair or a pea hat? Kiddos can manipulate their entrees and sides into a work of art with Food Face [5] ($13) and Ms. Food Face [6] ($12) plates. At 8 inches in diameter, the dishes also serve up perfect portions for pint-sized diners.

Modern Twist Doodle Placemat

Who says you can't color while you wait for your chow? Using washable markers, wee ones can add their own touch to the intricate drawings on Kidz Placemats by Modern Twist [7] ($18). From a city cat to an owl outline and urban kids to a hide and seek theme, there's a design for every little darling.

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