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JC Penney Pulls Controversial T-Shirt From Their Website (PHOTO)

JC Penney Pulls Controversial T-Shirt From Their Website (PHOTO)

We were glad to hear that JC Penney has pulled a controversial girl's t-shirt that was only being sold through their website. The t-shirt declares, "I'm too pretty to do my homework so my brother has to do it for me."

The description of the t-shirt on the JC Penney website read, "Who has time for homework when there's a new Justin Bieber album out? She'll love this tee that's just as cute and sassy as she is."

JC Penney quickly apologized and took the t-shirt off their website stating, "We agree that the 'Too Pretty' t-shirt does not deliver an appropriate message, and we have immediately discontinued its sale." 


Read the whole story.

Would your daughter have wanted to wear this t-shirt? And would you have let her?


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AbbyCunningham AbbyCunningham 5 years
Morals and respect are taught in EVERY aspect of a child's life and if you are a parent who thinks that your child learns morals and values ONLY from you, you are in for a world of trouble. I see the humor in this shirt but then again I am an adult who can distinguish between humor and what I truly believe. As a teacher one of the first things we are taught is that children don't understand sarcasm which is exactly what this shirt is using. While adults can understand the humor in these shirts, kids CANNOT. I firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child and one of the biggest struggles I have with the students I teach are those kids who have been taught that ONLY their parents can teach them morals and values. Our kids are walking sponges who listen to everything and take in everything and it's our responsibility as a society to make sure ALL kids are hearing appropriate messages that they can understand. I appreciate humor but there is a line and a lot of these t-shirts cross it.
MindyRobinson66826 MindyRobinson66826 5 years
I've been saying for a long time that children's clothing is pushing the line...yes a joke is a joke but what this actually says is that since I'm a girl schoolwork isn't as important as my appearance, which is degrading and sends a horrible message to girls and young women. Does no one remember the Family Guy episode where Meg tries on the "Sperm Dumpster" baby tee? Same principle here...just without the graphic wording
tibby14 tibby14 6 years
It is a shirt, with a funny saying. Hell in high school there was a shirt that said "I'm too pretty for math" I actually owned that shirt. It isn't any worse than wearing the zombie apocalypse joke shirts. There are much worse ones out there. I would let my daughter wear it.
Joann2851935 Joann2851935 6 years
ya, she would get a better grade if her brother did her homework ! LOL.....
LaDonnaSteelman LaDonnaSteelman 6 years
Thank you JC Penney for pulling this t-shirt off. I love shopping at your stores, but I wouldn't have if you hadn't pulled this t-shirt. I think you have better taste than this.
DianeCowart DianeCowart 6 years
In my family it would be funny cuz my son is only a year old!
NatashaDavis17284 NatashaDavis17284 6 years
People have problem with all kinds of things these days and most of them need to be focused on other things. You won't let her wear this shirt because of "moral values", but you let her watch all things Disney, just because its "Disney". Like others have said its a shirt, its supposed to be funny, not reality. Where was all this scrutiny when it came to the past elections? Let's worry about things that really affect them like teaching them about God and loving one another and making a difference in someone's life.
ReneeBalagna ReneeBalagna 6 years
Friends....are you kidding me? So, are you saying that my daughter shouldn't wear her panda bear shirt that says, "Will trade brother for bamboo", or my son shouldn't wear his shirt that says, "Zombies are after my sister is safe"? Well, they're going to continue to wear them. And she has never traded her brother for bamboo, nor has he fed his sister to zombies! But, they and their friends (and even adults!) are routinely amused by their shirts. People, its a joke! What kind of kid are you raising if you're teaching them to take everything literally and personally? Your kid is going to have a rough go of it if she never learns how to take a joke! Obviously if your daughter thinks she's really and truly "too pretty to do homework", then she has some much deeper rooted issues which need to be addressed. Let's put this into perspective and worry about real problems. Then each one's own. It comes down to personal choices. If you personally find it unattractive, then so be it. But I would certainly hate to think that someone would judge my 7-year-old daughter for wearing a silly shirt!
ReneeBalagna ReneeBalagna 6 years
Friends....are you kidding me?! So you're saying that my daughter shouldn't wear her panda bear shirt that says, "Will trade brother for bamboo", or my son shouldn't wear his shirt that says, "Zombies are after my sister is safe", right? Well, they do, and she has never traded her brother for bamboo, nor has he fed his sister to zombies! But they and their friends (and even adults!) are routinely amused by the shirts. Its a joke, people! What kind of kids are you raising if you teach them to take everything literally and personally? They're gonna have it rough if they never learn how to take a joke. Obviously, like everyone else said, if she actually thinks she's "too pretty to do homework", them she has some deeper rooted issues which need to be addressed.
AmberDenson AmberDenson 6 years
Oh please! It's cute and HOW exactly is this different than the t-shirts WE all wore w/silly slogans when WE were in school? Seriously people. Lighten up. Now if you want to object to those stupid pants/panties/shirts/etc that say JUCY on them, bringing a sexual undertone into our children's wardrobe, I'll take you more seriously.
Vanessapaine Vanessapaine 6 years
Haha I think its cute and funny and I would let my daughter its just a shirt
I DEFINITELY WOULD have let my DD wear it!!..she IS beautiful & sassy...& would have totally AGREED w/the shirt...though she REALLY knows she HAS 2 do her own HW & has NO PROB w/it!!!
TammyKuk TammyKuk 6 years
Maybe they should pull all under wear, from their shelves... Seriously? Way to many uptight people that need to "un-bunch" their panties, is my take on this. Put the shirt on the shelves. Those who go through life with their panties in a bunch will walk by. Those of us that are in touch with reality and not afraid to laugh a little, just may buy it...
NikkiBarrow NikkiBarrow 6 years
Its a t-shirt so what !!!!! i've got a t-shirt that says if you think i'm a B*&ch you should meet my mother, i think its hilarious , i don't wear it in front of my kids but my mum has seen it and she thinks its hilarious too, its only words people take too much notice of this. if people live by a good ethos does it really matter what their clothes say ?????
TammyKetcheson TammyKetcheson 6 years
Oh its just a t-shirt a little joke, if ppl believe it will cause any other meaning then being fun & silly well...GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE!
JadeDevine JadeDevine 6 years
i would totally buy it for my daughter, i think it is hilarious
JadeDevine JadeDevine 6 years
ha this is such a laugh what has the world come too... seriously its just a shirt..get over it ppl
ChristinaDudley ChristinaDudley 6 years
Why get upset about a shirt with a "joke" on it but we hear nothing about clothes that are totally inappropriate for young girls. I would much rather my 7 year old daughter wear this than say over the knee socks, super short skirts, or any other article of clothing that makes her look like a 16 year old.
NickiAlexander NickiAlexander 6 years
I would not let my daughter wear that! There are already too many ignorant young ladies who think they should get what they want because they are pretty. I would never encourage that mind set on a young vulnerable mind! Intelligence is beautiful!
cass1489 cass1489 6 years
ok, its not that big of a deal.... Anyone ever see humorous T-Shirts? i dont agree with what it says or would let my kids live by those type of principles but who cares? did all these psycho moms really make a stink so much to get it pulled off the shelves? maybe YOU are the ones who need to reevaluate yourselves. Ill bet the ones who are upset have ugly daughters lol
SuzannHaasClayton SuzannHaasClayton 6 years
You are kidding right - this shirt is causing all this hoop de loo? Why not stop sellign the shsirts that say "I am with stupid with an arrow pointing to whoever is walking next to them? How about all the poor taste shirts that the teens and other females are wearing that say SEXUALLY suggestive remarks? Would I let me 8 year old wear it - she wouldn't want to, her comment about Justin Beiber is that "he is a bit strange and why does everyone like him?" I am sure that she will wear a shirt that someone will think is in poor taste, however, it will not be ripped, pinned or cut off to show belly rings, tatoos or parts of the body that are better left covered up. Get a life for heaven's sake. I am an OLDER (in my 60's) mom and I know when to pick the battles that apparently the younger mom'shaven't learned yet!
StephaniePyeattCripe StephaniePyeattCripe 6 years
no one says you have to buy it!!!!
StephaniePyeattCripe StephaniePyeattCripe 6 years
I would not allow her to wear it and she would not want to wear it....but see...that would be OUR choice. Fashion police deciding what I can wear. Not right!!!!!!
MichelleFish54396 MichelleFish54396 6 years
It's a shirt come on. Now days everyones so bothered and offended by everything . No more competitive sports, nothing that might make that child feel like they are less then perfect. It drives me crazy when parents get bent out of shape over something like this. If you dont like it don't participate, why ruin it for others. What happended to letting your kids express themselves? Im sure my parents didn't care for some of the stuff I wore as a teenager. And believe it or not I turned out very good:)
TiffaneySterling77812 TiffaneySterling77812 6 years
I agree its just a shirt. however if they are going to discontinue sales, why are they not disconninueing all the revealing clothing all the provocative images that the media is showing the children. I have a little girl and I do limit what she can and cannot wear. I hate how the media is making these little girls think showing their bodies is what makes them beautiful.
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