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Update: There's more to chicken nuggets than meets the consumer's eye! CNN is now reporting that McDonald's chicken nuggets are made with a Silly Putty chemical. Are you still going to take your kids to the Golden Arches?

Even The Doctors are joining Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. On today's show, the British chef and the team of medical experts discussed how fatty and poor quality foods affect people's health. There are over 30 diseases associated with obesity, which is a direct result of the foods we eat and our lifestyles. In case you missed it when it originally aired, watch Jamie's demonstration of how some chicken nuggets are made before you reach into the freezer to bake up a quick dinner or take a spin through the drive-through. Dr. Jim Sears urged parents to read ingredients and look for whole white meat. Would you still serve your children processed food, or will you join Jamie's revolution?

LilaBo LilaBo 7 years
so proud to say that my 3.5 and 5 year old girls have never eaten mcdonalds or similar fast food!
kmckay kmckay 7 years
...and this is why I'm vegan.
zacatecanita zacatecanita 7 years
I never ate too much fast food when i was a kid. My mom always cooked for us using fresh ingredients and not much meat.Til this day fast food doen't really appeal to me, the only place I enjoy occasionally is In-n-Out.
lawyerjenn lawyerjenn 7 years
I think this proves that as parents you must make the decisions for your child. Present them with HEALTHY food options. Kids need YOUR leadership and guidance and that is ok--it's called being a parent. But....when the parents idea of "cooking" is heating a frozen pizza and getting McDonalds, you can't exactly expect the kids to understand can you? My husband and I are all about the food revolution. It has really helped su re-commit to fresh natural foods for our family. The reality is once in a while you eat fast food (when traveling, a weekend lunch, etc.) BUT it has to be the exception and not the rule.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Kids on average that age just don't process things well enough to truly understand how nasty that is. Obviously, this isn't all kids, but the majority. They watch the disgusting part, but then later while hes talking to them, they watch them be transformed into something they probably eat daily and enjoy. All of the negative parts of it just fizzle away. I think its RIDICULOUS that he gets pissed off at little kids, and i hate that he let them eat them. Talk about setting them up for failure.
CandaceW CandaceW 7 years
I appreciate what Jamie is trying to do but I think the overhaul needs to be more gradual. Like the family he meets with in the beginning, they have a freezer full of about 60 instant pizzas and they deep fry everything. He throws it all out and expects them to just start appreciating healthy/unprocessed food. Fail. And I think the chicken nugget clip is just to prove a point that you really don't know what's in processed food so you're taking a big risk eating it. There are all these people who assert that Wendy's chicken nuggets are supposedly worse than McDonalds, okay, prove it. Until their production is transparent, we don't know so stop making stuff up. If I need some breaded chicken for myself or my children, I'm content to cut up a chicken breast and bread it myself. BUT I think if you drive through once in a blue moon, WHO CARES. There are entire systems in the body dedicated to filtering out junk like McDonalds nuggets once in a while. Just don't over work them.
sarahlea81 sarahlea81 7 years
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