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Jenny McCarthy is one candid cover girl. We'd expect nothing less from the passionate mother and autism advocate who posed with her son Evan, 7, for the September cover of Cookie. Check out a few of the highlights from the interview.

On how she felt when Evan had a seven-hour seizure and went into cardiac arrest in 2004: I ran out of my house and into my driveway and screamed at the top of my lungs to God to just take him away, because I loved him so much and he was in so much pain.

On Amanda Peet calling parents who don't vaccinate their children "parasites": I think vaccines are one of the greatest things ever invented. I used to be [Peet] before I had a kid with autism.


On the position of Generation Rescue: "Vaccinations are safe — dot, dot, dot — for some kids. Vaccinations are not safe — dot, dot, dot — for other kids. Let’s protect the ones who are weak. We are pro–safe vaccine. Vaccines are just not one size fits all. If you gave everyone in the world penicillin, there would be some adverse effects for some people, and possibly deaths."

On parental instincts: "We’re the generation of parents who are saying, ‘Listen to us. We are the bosses of our children.’  I want parents to realize that, and not get pushed around by doctors who say, ‘Oh, that’s 100 percent safe.’"

On her most humbling mom moment: "Watching Evan pee on a fake tree in a waiting room."

On her relationship with Jim Carrey: "It’s wacky-weird that not only does [Carrey] not want to get married, which I love, but he also doesn’t want to have more kids, which I love."

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Twy Twy 7 years
Anonymous # 62 says, "J.M is using her kid to make money off of desperate parents. Plus, J.M. even admits that Evan was originally diagnosed with Epilespsy, not autism... This kid was never autistic." Anonymous, you are simply creating fiction from your own imagination, with no basis in fact. Jenny's son was diagnosed with autism by a prominent professional. She has the document to prove it. The parents who do biomedical are not desperate. They are highly intelligent and committed, and many are seeing tremendous results. After going to mainstream doctors and being told things like, "Nothing you can do about the chronic diarrhea (or constipation)" they start their kids on DAN! interventions such as enzymes, probiotics, and special diets -- and next thing you know their kidd are having normal regular bowel movements. After hearing from the mainstream doctors, "Nothing you can do medically, autism is lifelong, just get ABA and special ed and speech and OT," they start their kids on these services without much benefit, and then they start biomedical and all of a sudden (or gradually) their kids are able to pay attention and participate. Dietary intervention, nutritional supplements aimed at methylation and oxidative stress and sulfation pathways and mitochondrial dysfunction, detoxification -- so many people have reported good results with these treatments. A growing body of research is supporting the reasons why these treatments work -- research showing inflammation in the brain and digestive tract, immune system dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, enzyme deficiencies, and more. This is complex science, and autism is diverse. There is no panacea; there are no simple answers. It is often not easy to find what will help a particular child, and some respond to treatment better than others. But the continuing research and clinical experience is resulting in more knowledge. This knowledge will help not only people with autism but those with other conditions such as ADHD, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, and Alzheimer's. This is the wave of the future. Jenny praises Kartner products because they are helping her son. Nothing wrong with that. Many people with autism suffer seizures. It is not a matter of either/or. Inflammation in the brain can cause both.
Twy Twy 7 years
I certainly don't see Jenny McC as a Messiah and I don't worship her as a false and phoney God -- nor does anyone else I know. We simply admire her for getting out there and telling the world about biomedical causes and treatments for autism, and warning about the need for caution regarding vaccines. If Jenny says something, that does not in and of itself make it true, but she is raising awareness, and people can check out these treatments for themselves. Furthermore, although not a professional, she is quite knowledgeable about biomedical treatments for autism. And her latest book was written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, one of the best doctors around who specializes in treating autism biomedically. All this trashing of Jenny is just to detract from focus on the serious problem, which is that a significant number of babies are being harmed by today's vaccine program. And because of the reluctance to admit this, mainstream medicine is not developing good treatments for autism, nor effective prevention. And @ #53 yes, I am a parent.
Twy Twy 7 years
@ Anonymous 51: Hopefully my other long comments will be posted soon. For the meantime, I will simply say that you don't know Jenny and you don't know what you are talking about. She screamed "God take him" because she empathized with his suffering. She could have put him in residential, but she chose to fight for his health, even though at that point she had no idea whether or not he would recover.
Twy Twy 7 years
I wrote a couple of long comments which have links in them so they are pending review. For the meantime, I just need to say @48 that Bailey Banks did and does have autism, which was caused by ADEM, which was caused by the vaccines he received.
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