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Jessica Alba Gets Nails Done

Jessica Alba Is Primped for Labor

For the last month of my pregnancy, I went to the nail salon weekly to pamper my fingers and toes.

In the delivery room, my nails looked so fabulous that the nurses kept complimenting me on them. And, it was nice to have manicured nails for all of the photo ops that came with having a new babe.

To see which expectant star is doing the same,


Jessica Alba pampered herself at Beverly Hills Nail Design and stopped by Champagne restaurant for some take–out. If I had one morsel of advice for the expectant mama, it would be to sit and enjoy meals out while she can!

What pointer would you pass on?

Sophie13 Sophie13 9 years
Enjoy every single moment of sleep. Also the freedom to just pick up and go anywhere. I also got pedicures the last weeks of pregancy and it was really relaxing.
i-care-less i-care-less 9 years
eat and sleep!
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
take a picture every few days of you and your baby. even if you don't think you look good. take lots and lots of pictures of baby. they change so fast you'll be amazed.
cirrus1701 cirrus1701 9 years
She's going to be in for a bit of a shock if they have to take her nail polish off. Anesthesiologists as well as other doctors, nurses, etc use the nails as another indicator of general health. I was not allowed any type of polish on my nails when I had my little girl.
rgrl rgrl 9 years
Get your beauty sleep. :rotfl:
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
I totally agree on the dinners out! Go out to dinner as much as possible, and to nicer places. We take our baby out, but only to louder places like the Cheesecake Factory, and at "off times." We are still worried that he'll have a meltdown and we'd hate to be in a nice restaurant.
Annika2494003 Annika2494003 9 years
Two separate people have told me "go to the dentist." I guess you just slack on going (not that it's fun in the first place) once you have a kiddo. I took their advice and just went so I will be all set when my lil guy comes!
BlairBear BlairBear 9 years
Movies; see all of the movies you want to see now! Don't say, "Oh I'll just watch them in a couple of months." No you won't! Go see them now!
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