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Jessica Alba Has Made Nesting Her Instinct

Most first time mothers are nervous about bringing home babe — mainly since they cannot prepare for the unknown. But, It seems that actress Jessica Alba has made it her mission to be ready.

The celeb has taken a break from working to concentrate on getting her house situated for her impending baby-to-be. The starlet who will soon welcome a lil girl is also making an extra effort to be mindful of her health. A recent article in People reported:

I have to make sure that I'm eating more of the right nutrients and vitamins, but I'm not used to eating this much," she says. "I've had to take time out of the day to eat before I get cranky and rundown and tired. Before I was just like the energizer bunny."

To finish this post,


While many a mom has the urge to ready her nest, most do so while they continue to juggle a variety of other responsibilities like career, marriage and even raising other children.

Did you have an overwhelming instinct to nest? Or, do you think Jessica is putting unnecessary emphasis on the situation.

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lorioz lorioz 9 years
Freezing food is another great idea. I agree with lizadilly, we haven't done a nursery yet (Waiting to find out about a possible transfer to a new town) and I didn't have a baby shower. I'm trying really hard not to get to crazy about the whole thing.
lizadilly lizadilly 9 years
I think it's normal to want to nest, and for someone who has the luxury of not working like Jalba, I can see how they might obsess over it, like others do with weddings. I would want to live as normally as possible tho. I think that focusing too much on the superficial aspect of family additions (outfitting the cutest nursery, planning the hippest baby shower, etc.) can set mothers up for a feeling of anti-climax after the baby is born and real life takes over. You don't want to deal with those feelings, especially if you are prone to PPD.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 9 years
Awww congrats lorioz!!! Something that might also help you guys while you're waiting for your baby girl to arrive is cook meals and put them in plastic containers and freeze them. That way you won't have to worry about cooking for a while.
lorioz lorioz 9 years
My baby is coming any time now (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and the last few months have brought on a need to nest and clean like crazy. I want everything to be ready for when my little girl gets her. I think the main reason is that I want the house to be clean now, so that after she comes I won't have to worry about it as much. These last few weeks though have seen a definite drain onmy energy levels, so I'm no longer able to do as much as I really want to.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 9 years
I'm definitely going through a nesting stage. A month ago, I decided that our one bedroom condo wouldn't be enough for us once our son is born in July. So I convinced the hubby to put it on the market. Now if it doesn't sell then I'm surrendered to staying there but it doesn't hurt to try. I'm also getting rid of stuff we don't need to make more room for baby items.
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