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Jessica Denay Gives Tips For Being a Hot Mom

Author Jessica Denay Says to "Work the Perks of Pregnancy"

A mom-to-be can cut a bathroom line and she should. That's how Jessica Denay (mother of one) says hot women can "work the perks of pregnancy." The author wrote The Hot Mom's Handbook when babies were becoming Hollywood's comeback kid, and now she's upping the ante for pregnant women with The Hot Mom to Be Handbook. We recently had a chance to chat via phone about Jessica's latest tome, so strap on your stilettos and see what she had to say!

LilSugar: So moms aren't only the ones that have to be hot, but pregnant women too?
Jessica Denay: I wrote the first book like four years ago and so much has changed since then. I wanted to update that and pregnancy has never been hotter. It's just an exciting time so why not start feeling confident about yourself then? You start mothering the second you find out you're pregnant.

LilSugar: Celebrities are hot and have a lot of help. Is it possible for an average mom who juggles it all to attain this?
Jessica Denay: Absolutely! The celebrities have a lot of help, but they also have a lot more on their plates. They have paparazzi following them so they have to look good because there's more pressure on them. For the average woman, maybe you have your mother-in-law looking at you and saying "you still need to lose this or that," but celebrities have the whole world and tabloids picking them apart. They have different events to attend or are working 14-hour days on a hit show and that is a lot more responsibility. It is easier if you have help — trainers and chefs and nannies and night nurses and all that — but it is possible for every mom out there to still look and feel great. It's kind of deciding that you want to keep it together. Everyone has this thinking of, "Oh, I have to do so much." It's just really to enjoy your pregnancy and your baby and put time and energy into your relationship. It will all shake out OK.


To find out how to increase your own hot factor and score some mommy time,


LilSugar: How can a mom-to-be increase her hot factor?
Stay in shape — walking is the best. You don't have to get a trainer, just walk. If it's snowing or cold outside, you can walk up your stairs or at the mall. There's always a way you can exercise and it really helps during delivery. Swimming is really great for pregnant moms. Water is very calming and soothing and safe. Make friends with someone with a pool which is what I always do, or if there's a hotel near your house with a pool, make friends with the people that work there. Rest —keeping up with your sleep makes you feel fresh and excited. The hottest thing you can do is work the perks of your pregnancy. Just have fun with it. When you're smiling, when you're happy, you are more beautiful and hot. You just glow. When you're pregnant people will open doors for you, they'll open up a line, they'll let you use employee bathrooms, so work it! Enjoy this time basking because once you actually have the child and need help, no one's going to open the doors for you then. You can use the "I've gotta pee" card to get out of any conversation, you can use the pregnancy brain excuse. You can get away with anything when you're pregnant because you're just so darn cute.

LilSugar: Pregnancy is easy because it's just the woman, but how does a mom stay hot with a screaming kid and spit-up on her?
Jessica Denay: It's definitely tougher when you are pregnant for the second time. It's hard enough to handle a little one when you aren't pregnant, so enlisting the help of friends is great. If you don't have money for nannies or babysitters or whatnot — I'm going to use an example with sticks — you can create your own currency. You get your group of friends that you all trust and each person gets 10 sticks and each stick represents an hour of babysitting. If you want to go to a movie or on a hike with a friend, you bring your kids over to someone's house and give them one stick. The more you babysit the more sticks you get; when all your sticks are gone, you have to babysit for someone else.

In addition to writing mommy manuals, Jessica is also a celebrity baby planner. Get the inside scoop on the showers she throws this Sunday on Lil!

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